Things I Have Done in the Future

• memorize five songs on the guitar
• learn five songs on the accordion
• speak Spanish fluently
• speak Russian fluently


• Learn to sit, stand, and walk with correct posture (no idea how to quantitatively measure this)
• Floss every day for 30 days straight - now in the habit, thank god


• walk (or slip-n-slide) on Antactica
• visit Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia
• explore the Amazon
• explore the bayous of Lousiana
visit Death Valley
visit every state in the country
• visit Hanging Lake in Colorado
• visit Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
• visit Norway
• see Sami people of Sweden
tour a 50-, 100-, and 500-mile circumference around Denver 
• visit Skatopia, Ohio
• see Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in SLC, Utah
• visit Iceland

Survive a trip to Yemen


walk through a cave
• backpack through a foreign country
• live intentionally homeless
• finish reading Anna Karenina
• ride in a helicopter
• hike in a volcano
• get stuck in quicksand
• write in a national publication
• own a bookstore
• take an aimless road trip
• go on a cruise
• see a great white shark
• drive a Dodge Viper reeeeeeeally fast
• write a book that I'm proud enough to not use a pseudonym
• see an alligator, a scorpion, a rattlesnake, and a sloth in their natural environments
• see a blue whale
• drive a motorcycle
• watch a tornado 
• learn to identify and polish rocks
• hold a sloth
drive on Route 66 across a state
• visit a ghost town
• tour a mine
• work for myself
• take a tube or raft down the Colorado River
• tour a former (or current!) prison
finish reading all the books on my bookshelves (harder than it sounds)
• go parasailing
try 100 new kinds of food
get covered in color

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