February 23, 2010

The Quest to Moonwalk

You may have noticed one of my goals in the sidebar is to moonwalk. As a child of the '80s, I feel it is my duty to learn this. Plus, it just looks wickedly cool, and anything to up my cool factor is a worthy use of my time.

So, I watched some videos on YouTube. And I watched them again. And again.

And I practiced moonwalking in my office.

A lot.

Then I practiced at home. In the kitchen. Down the hall. While listening to music. While making my own music.

Keene decided to get in on the action. Turns out, he has a knack for the 'walk.

With their parents growing increasingly rad by the minute, the kids decided they had to learn this fancy step, as well.

I haven't mastered the dance move yet. Definitely not good enough to check it off of my list. But consider this a progress report. It will happen. Oh yes.

In case you want to see the videos we all watched, here you go:




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