May 13, 2010

I have lofty goals.

I love sloths for their dopey smiles and chill attitudes. One of my goals (look over to the right column...down a little) is to see a sloth in its natural habitat.

Anyhow, this picture inspired me to change that goal. Go look. It's now at the bottom of the list.

Look at that face. Doesn't it just scream, "Take me home with you! I will be your pet. You can feed me and care for me and pet me and shove me in the closet when a social worker from Family Services comes by to investigate a complaint lodged by the neighbors who think that you are mistreating your deformed, hairy child by never letting him go outside and forcing him to eat leaves! It'll be the tops, guys!"


MissLiv said...

I never noticed how CUTE they are until now. His little face!!!

Shinxy said...

I love sloths so much!

Kelli said...

Its smile says, "I want to be your friend," but its claws say, "Give me some more berries or I'll disembowel you!"