June 19, 2012

Denver Color Run 2012

I remember when I decided that "Get covered in color" should be on my bucket list. I must have been in a cheesy mood to start with, because I was watching "Outsourced" on Netflix. The gist of the movie is that the protagonist begrudgingly moves to India to train his office's outsourced replacements. There's a scene where he gets caught up in Holi, a celebration which involves being covered in color. Now, I'm sure there is a lot more significance to the special day, but goddamn, having color powder thrown at you looked like fun.

So when I heard about the Color Run, I was excited. And when I heard you didn't really have to run, then I was actually excited.

And so it came to pass on May 26th, Keene and I joined my friend, Helene, for a Color Walk.

Before the event began, we loaded up on swag (but not the hip, teenager version of swag...this was the lame adult version which consists of free power bars and cowbells).

Then it was time to join the white-shirted, unreasonably-energetic-considering-it-was-only-9:00-a.m. herd.

The occasional color packet exploded prematurely.

And then it was time to...well, walk.

Keene decided that 1) he was bored with mine and Helene's girl talk, and 2) people weren't excited enough from the start...and so he became the official high-fiver of the event.

In what seemed like no time (hey, time flies when you're walking slowly), we hit the very unenthusiastic yellow-throwers.

No need to feel bummed, though, because the overly-aggressive blue-throwers more than made up for them.  

I'm pretty sure they were aiming for the mouth-breathers in the crowd.  "Aim for the teeth! Aim for the teeth!"

And on and on through more checkpoints, until we reached the end.

Now, it wasn't quite as exciting as I had thought it would be to be all covered in color (and really, what was I expecting? A religious experience?).  But it was fun enough that I want to participate again next year. Well, that is, until I saw the orange-throwing volunteers at the end of the day and they so resembled Oompa-Loompas that I'm determined to do that instead.  

Oh wait, that's not all. Remember how Keene looks like Jesus these days? (I mean, the white version of Jesus, but with a more accurate level of shagginess since Dude probably didn't carry a Gillette around with him while preaching the gospel.)

Well, he won "Best Beard" for the event. Only in Colorado, it would seem, do men with huge beards achieve such levels of glory. For his prize, he won...a pair of hipster sunglasses. Which he wears. Along with that goddamn Subaru visor which he won for driving a Subaru. Again, Colorado...

By this time, the event was over and Keene was on an attention-high. And probably suffering from heat-stroke as we lost our way while trying to find the car.  Which is why he decided to follow the geese for a while.

Three hours later (probably), we found the car and drove home. And about two hours after that, we were able to wash away what we thought was the last of the color powder. 

And about a week after that, we did finally wash away the last of the color. Though I'll bet Keene finds a layer of color under that beard when he finally shaves.

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