September 7, 2010

Unlovable Stuffed Animals...or, an Otherwise Unproductive Weekend

This weekend, I got it into my head that I can already sew.

I focused on funky stuffed animals, because they're presumably quick and easy to make. While at the thrift store, I checked out the offering of surprisingly pricy fabrics. Here's something to remember: if you are shopping for a something with which to make something else, the price is higher than if you just use an already-made something. It's like the person who decides the prices is thinking, "Fabric, oh think of the possibilities of fabric! We should charge for what they could possibly make!"

After mulling over their large but uninspiring selection, I made my way over to the bedsheet aisle. (Ew, right? Don't worry, they're clean. Bravely, I even gave them the good ol' sniff-test. Double ew! What's wrong with me, anyways?) There I found the fabrics which fit my criteria: cheap, good condition, and funky (-looking and not -smelling, that is).

And that is how our table came to look like this all weekend:

While thinking of which animals to use, the typical cute but trendy animals came to mind: owls (or just any birds), octopuses (octopi? octopodes?), squirrels...

I wanted decidedly un-cute animals. So I made a slug (with slime):

A seahorse (complete with saddle):

A cockroach (with buttons for legs...still not sure about that choice):

And my favorite, an angler fish (at the bottom):

Part of the way through the second day of animal-making, Keene decided to take a stab at it (and turned out to have a knack for it, much to my irritation). He made a starfish out of a pair of Maia's outgrown jeans, as well as a snail shell for my slug:

While many of my edges were rough and frayed, and I often had to cover up mistakes with more fabric, I consider the goal of learning to sew to be hereby null and void.

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