August 3, 2010

Things I Learned About While I Should Have Been Working

Bell-Mouth Spillways:

I don't know why this hole should be scary to me, but it is. It's like a watery, man-made sinkhole. And sinkholes are down right weird. I imagine ducks get sucked down there all the time. Maybe it even pulls small airplanes and kites from the air into its vortex. Or, when the water level is low and the spillway is dry, I had a vision of me being curious and climbing down into it, only to have the dam suddenly fill with water.

No good can come from this.

(Lots of spillway pictures can be found at the link above. Or if you want to see even more big, awesome holes, click here.)

(I don't know how else to say that so it won't sound like I'm sending you to a porn site. I promise I'm not.)


After much deliberation and research, I have determined that Yemen is the coolest coolest-looking place on Earth. (While searching for images, I came across a whole lot of guns. Since guns wouldn't exist in the coolest place on Earth, I am amending that statement.)

Source: Yemen - Sanaa,


Sailing Stones:

Holy crap! Moving rocks! Rocks that move of their own accord!

It is most likely due to the intense, focused wind which occurs in Death Valley. The fact that this happens there doesn't surprise me. There is something sinister about Death Valley. I'd give it the stink-eye, if I could see it from here. Because we will be driving near Death Valley in less than a week, I am trying to manipulate our route so we can cut through Racetrack Playa.


Man, that Jim Jones was messed up. Horribly. Because my brain likes to torture itself, I listened to his last "sermon," in which he explains to his cult why they would be killing themselves shortly. Even as a brave woman tries to argue with reason, he shuts her down, further creating a sort of hysteria among the masses. It's extremely sad, as you listen to the cries dying down toward the end. This is one of those things that remind you just how extremely twisted some people can be. I don't recommend listening, unless you are too happy and in need of a serious downer.

(On a side note, I also don't recommend you listen to the Russian exorcism recording which is on the same site. Because it makes your toes really cold. And nobody likes cold toes.)

(On another side note, don't Google Jonestown images. In trying to find a picture for this post, all I could find were pictures of dead bodies. Eek! Thank you to for having a non-violent picture for me to use.)

Oakville, Washington's Rain Blobs

In August of 1994, it began raining in Oakville. Except that instead of raindrops, it rained blobs. Oh, and these blobs made people and animals sick. Oh, and the blobs also had human white freakin' blood cells and bacteria in them.

Anyone else ready to eat some Jello?


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I couldn't look at those pictures of the holes without almost having a panic attack. Serious case of the heebie jeebies.

Joshua said...

Yeah, I don't approve of those holes.