Shop Bitter o'Clock

There are many places where you can buy Bitter o'Clock wares:

Bitter o'Clock - this is the offical (and officially built by me) website, and boy, is it fancy! On this site, you have the ability to place super-easy custom orders, as well as receive small-head discounts. (Payment methods: Paypal, check, money order)

Etsy - are you an Etsy member? If not, you will have to register first in order to place your order. The bright side about this site is that new products are introduced here first. (Payment methods: Paypal, check, money order)

Facebook - I'm just trying this one out, so bear with me. The perk about this site is that if you swing by the Welcome page first, you can get an instant 15% discount off of your order (redeemable at Facebook, Etsy, or the official website). (Payment methods: Paypal)

Shoply - this is my newest shop. It seems to be exactly like Etsy, except it seems you don't have to register to be a member first. You can just check out right away without the hassle. That's pretty cool. (Payment methods: Paypal)

If you live near Denver, you can find Bitter o'Hats at any of these independent retail shops.  (Click the pictures to go to each shop's website.)

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