January 9, 2012

Bitter o'Clearance.

If you haven't been by my Etsy shop lately, you are about to miss out on an awesome deal. For a long time, I've wondered how to make my shop look more cohesive. I liked the variety, but at the same time, it was a little too chaotic with too many product lines.

My first step was to ditch the book thongs. Or rather, to move them to their own Etsy shop. I'm not really feeling them right now, but I don't want to quit them entirely. So there they sit until I decide whether to start promoting them...or to just kill them already.

My next step is actually happening right now. I thought about which items were making my shop look cluttered. Which items didn't have that "Bitter o'Clock" look about them. Which hats had been hanging around since before I developed my own style.

It was actually easy for me to spot them. They weren't quirky, strange, or random. They were just hats. Nice hats, sure. Well-made, okay. But just hats. So, I decided these were the ones that had to go.

To ring in 2012, I am discontinuing some of my older products. From now until Wednesday, January 11th, all items in the Clearance section have been marked at 50% off the normal price. Yes, this includes the custom orders. But this is first-come, first-served. I will not be re-listing anything.

On Thursday, January 12th, they will be marked down an additional 25%...by only for a few hours. By Friday, January 13th (wooooooooo), they'll be gone. Vanished into the ethers of Etsy. For-ev-er.

There you have it. Pop over to my Etsy shop to see if any of those hats tickle your fancy or anything else.

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