August 20, 2012

Dexter Destructo: The Amazing Expanding Puppy

Back when we lived in the apartment, we talked about how we wanted a dog someday. Keene and I both consider ourselves to be "dog people," despite having two cats. So when we bought the house, we began talking about when would be the right time to get that dog. 

At first we decided when the garage was completely free of moving boxes. When that came and went, we decided after we settled in a bit and got back into the swing of things. That probably came and went, but who can tell with such unmeasurable goals? Then we said we'd get one for Christmas. Then we said we'd get one when spring rolled around. Then we said when we bought all of the supplies needed for a dog. 

As you can see, we were clearly procrastinating. We knew dogs were expensive and required a lot of care. We also knew that puppies were even more expensive and needy, which is why we had settled on wanting a  dog of at least a year or two old.

If things kept going this way, we likely would have never felt ready for a dog. But much like an unplanned pregnancy, the dog came to us. Keene's coworker was getting rid of a puppy and asked if he wanted it. Yeah, a puppy. We were still a little iffy about this when we drove to see it.

But then saw the puppy and all logic went out the window because OMG SO CUTE:

Before you could say, "Maybe we should talk about this," we snatched up that little dog and ran. And on the way home, we discovered that this puppy was a bit of a fireball.

So, I'm just going to post a few pictures from that first weekend together so you can really get a sense of just how ridiculously cute that puppy was:

See that last picture? How the pure white dog is now blue? That, children, is why we can't have nice things!

Anyhow, you know how people look at puppy paws and say, "Oh, he's going to be a big dog"? Well, we got none of that with Dexter. He had dainty little paws, so we assumed he would be a medium-ish dog. But then once he was settled in, he began shapeshifting into a Hulk-esque dog in the making.

It has now been two months since we brought home the puppy who was half the size of our cat. And now, at four months old, if he stands on his hind feet, he's almost as tall as Maia:

And he's only happy when he's confident that the world is still revolving around him:

I won't get into his curious craving for human flesh or how he has managed to trap me on the tree loft a number of times just yet. Or how he doubles as a wood (and plastic) chipper. Or how I've had to Google "cat poop in dog bite". Or how we're about to drop big bucks on an exorcist/dog trainer.

I won't get into any of that. For now, I'll just tell you that we were totally ready for a puppy. Seriously. Totally ready.