October 11, 2011

Things I Forgot to Post About: Quicksand and Cold War Kids

For whatever reason, Keene is still used to me posting here every day. I try to remind him that I have a job where I actually work now, so maintaining that schedule is impossible. It's been nearly a year since I changed jobs, yet he still grumbles, "Someone hasn't updated her blog today."

Anyhow, that has nothing to do with anything except that I think if he were to ever leave me, it's only because I don't keep him entertained online anymore.

Moving on, here is the next set of stuff I should have posted about as it was happening, rather than months later. I'll get to what is going on right now...oh, maybe around March.

Camping with the Family

My grandmother and my cousin have a tradition of going camping each summer. This year, they invited us along. Hooray!

But first I had to pass my grandma's "it will be dark and there will be no street signs" test:

After much cursing and many u-turns were had, we made it to the campsite just before midnight.

It was so wonderful to see my cousins--Talisha and Emily, neither of whom I had seen in years--and to meet Talisha's husband, Cam. And, of course, I always love seeing my grandparents.

But you didn't come here to listen to me wax poetic about family, did you? You want to see pictures, I know.

"It's a double-rainbow!!"

(Note: this was also the weekend Kayden decided my army sweatshirt are belong to him.)

Fun fact: up until this weekend, my grandpa had never eaten a s'more. What kind of craziness is that? Don't worry, Talisha and I were on the job. She made him a delicious classic s'more, whereas I went for the instant-sugar-high of a s'more made with a peanut butter cup.

And now for some other Firsts.

Kayden's first motorcycle ride:

Keene's first motorcycle drive:

The first time Emily dissected a fly with tweezers. I think. But maybe not...she seemed awfully skilled at that, actually:

The first of three blind mice?

So, we heard a little squeak and discovered a baby mouse, so young its eyes weren't even open yet. We moved him to a grassy, shady spot and fed him a consistent diet of seeds and corn kernels.

And, of course, we petted him because we love potentially-disease-ridden little beasts:

Kayden was so devoted to it that he followed it around (it's not hard to follow a blind mouse) and made sure food was always nearby.

And finally, my first bout of quicksand:

While I determined it to be legitimate quicksand, it was not, however, deep enough to get anything more than my shoe stuck in it. So I made the determination that my goal of getting stuck in quicksand has yet not been fulfilled.

What can I say? I'm a tough judge.

Cold War Kids and A Lull Concert

Cold War Kids was the first show to kick off my summer, and well...huh. They are one of my favorite bands (yes, another of my favorite bands), yet the show was kind of lackluster and, dare I say, boring? What makes one band have more stage presence than another? Their energy level? Their level of interaction with the audience? That they look like they're having fun? A lot goes into it and it can really make or break a show. (The Walkmen at Monolith 2009 was another stinker of a band. Love their music, didn't love their performance.)

On the bright side, though, the opening band for CWK was A Lull. This band was fan-tas-tic. They had two full drum sets and two full drummers. But every member of the band also had some kind of percussion instrument on the side to play.

Wonderful band. Check them out: