February 18, 2011

"What would you like her to know about this day...?"

I recently received a DVD in the mail. It was from a grandpa I had not seen in about 5 years. He had taken the time to convert old home videos to DVDs, then sent them around to the applicable grandchildren. I had never seen this footage until that day.

Don't worry, Mom and Dad. I'm not one for big speeches, anyways.

(Despite my comments, you should know I absolutely love this. Also, I am so thankful for my grandpa for all of this.)

February 7, 2011

Letting Things Go and Learning to CTFO

I've known for some time that I get uptight with Keene a lot. But yesterday, it occurred to me just how often and over (sometimes) silly stuff. I don't stay irritated, but I do snap at him. For example, yesterday:

- He didn't want to eat the cereal we have for breakfast. I didn't want to eat it either, but we were about to leave for a day trip and I didn't want to spend money on a fast-food breakfast. I was eating the cereal even though I didn't like it. I felt he should have to, as well.

- He kept farting in the car ALL DAY.

- He kept playing in the snow, which made the kids play in the snow, when I told them not to (since it was damn near freezing and I didn't want them complaining about being wet while standing outside for an hour).

- He kept breaking off icicles for the kids to lick or play with. I don't know why this bothered me.

- When I went to sit by him on the couch later that night, he told me to move so he could see the TV.

So, even though none of these are really a big deal and I didn't stay upset for more than five minutes at a time, I realized I need to CTFO. I don't know why these little things bother me.

February 1, 2011

Stories of Lenox China Owners

Click here to read the original article: Lenox-China.net

Like the china sets themselves, Lenox owners come in many colors, styles, classes, and backgrounds. Whether the set was an heirloom, a new wedding or housewarming gift, or just a random purchase, each owner has a story to tell about his or her china.

Something Old

“My grandma spent years saving little bits of money in order to be able to own the full set. She loved that china. One plate has a chip on the…bottom of the plate that my aunt gave it [while] washing it one day. My mother always points it out and sighs! I adore having it as it belonged to [her]. I have her wedding ring and her wedding china…that is all we have left from her.”

“I have [a set of] my grandma's dishes. She asked [which of her belongings] I wanted when she went into assisted living. I told her the dishes: they remind me of her the most.”

“It was my grandmother’s. She gave it to us for our wedding. I think it's very pretty and dainty…I love it.”

“I'd really love to get something more my taste, but I would feel guilty because I have Grandma’s [set].”

Something New

“[We] got it all as wedding gifts. [The set] is classic. I've been married almost five years and have never used it. Despite this, I'm really glad I have it.”

“We didn't get china when we were getting married. We picked out everyday stuff. We finally got china last year. It is brand new and it's kind of “us,” in the sense that it's not obtrusive. On an additional note, I also have part of my grandma's china. It's definitely not me. It has tiny pink roses on it.”

“[At eighteen,] I started receiving a place setting for Christmas each year from my parents. When I graduated from college, my grandmother sent my mom a bunch of money to finish my china set. I'm very glad to have it, even if it only gets used a couple times a year. I like having it and I like looking at it in the china cabinet.”

Something Reserved

“I'm going to get a hand-me-down set from my mother-in-law in the future, and that will be fine. I feel that it has more meaning that way. I asked [her] for the set specifically ‘when she dies.’ It's a family joke that everyone asks for stuff ‘after she dies.’”

Something Blue

“I have four place-settings from my grandmother (she got it as a gift from the bank when she opened up a checking account back in the day). It has a silver-ish edge like my new set and a wide band of robin's egg blue. I like to mix and match the two sets in the springtime. It matches our style: understated and classic.”

…And Something Downright Odd

“When we found out our new set was bone china, [my husband] freaked out and didn’t want to eat off of it.”