February 6, 2009

I forgot something.

To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

Thank you again for the ride. If you can believe it, you are actually the best boyfriend in the whole world. You even beat out a tribesman in Africa who cut off his own foot feed his starving girlfriend. But that tribesman never drove his girlfriend around to do silly errands. So, you definitely have the one-up on him.

Have a good afternoon!

February 1, 2009

Extra Kool - Creature From The Whack Lagoon

(Reprinted from www.ColoradoMusicBuzz.com)

With a backdrop of music fitting for a horror-film festival, Extra Kool’s newest album, Creature From The Whack Lagoon, is a must-have for Rap fans and wary listeners alike. Some songs are directly inspired by scary movies, while others draw from his own difficult past. Two tracks that I especially liked were the clean, catchy “Jonestown Milkshake” and the heartbreaking song of loss, “Part Two.” In keeping with the theme of horror, much of the music is dramatic with eerie violins, synthesizers and organs. The writing is original, honest and poetic, straying from the clich├ęs of modern Rap. Perhaps Extra Kool’s greatest talent, though, lies in his ability to convey a full range of powerful emotions through his rapping: fear, melancholy, anger, even the occasional frivolity. After listening to this CD, it is clear why he has been named one of the top rappers of Denver.


Rock: Thanks To You

(Reprinted from www.ColoradoMusicBuzz.com)

Let’s do a little musical mash-up: start with the members of Panic At the Disco. Throw in the singer from Meshuggah. Now, assume they all went to high school together, which is why the metal rocker hasn’t beaten up the other guys yet. They decide to form a band but aren’t willing to give up their respective genres. Rather than compromise, they just blend their music together. The resulting sound is — dare I say — Pop-Metal band, Thanks To You.

Hailing from Littleton, Thanks To You ventures into the renewed genre of Screamo, Alternative-Rock, but with a Metal influence. The band’s combination of indecipherable screaming mixed with the adolescent sounding, Pop-Punk lead vocals is disorienting at first. However, after several listens, I began to sense why this band is becoming increasingly popular with the younger crowd. Their style likely appeals to listeners who need something edgier than your typical Emo band, but maybe not quite as hardcore as Pantera or the aforementioned Meshuggah. Nevertheless, this juxtaposition may alienate the more mainstream listeners.

Once I got past the vocals, though, I was able to focus on the music itself. Their instrumental abilities are obvious — especially in the lead guitarist — with each of the songs as they are fast-paced, unrelenting and neatly wrapped to the very end. Unfortunately, as with many guitar-heavy bands, the bass seems to be lost in the music.

From their newest release, If You Can’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em, there are a couple of standout songs. “Forty Girls Five Knights” has more emphasis on tag-teamed singing, paired with changing rhythm and catchy riffs. The title track of the EP, though, is steadier, more conventional Rock with the whole band singing and shouting. While it may not garner five-star ratings, the fun they seem to be having during this song is tangible. I would bet the band is probably a blast to experience in concert. X

Band Members: Taylor (vocals), Eric (guitar/vocals), Kyle (guitar), Drew (bass), Ryan (drums)

If You Like: Panic At The Disco, I Set My Friends On Fire, All That Remains, Fall Out Boy

Live: January 31st / The Loft in Colorado Springs