November 24, 2008

Writing from Utah

Date: November 24, 2008
To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

J-to-the-izzo, Osh-to-the-izzay!

I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.

Anyhow, I'm hanging out at Aryn's house. Kayden is playing a Wii for the first time. And I saw an episode of House last night. Aryn was damn near astonished that I had never seen it before. It's looking like I probably won't see my mom and sister on this trip. My sister is MIA and I can't remember which WMCA my mom is at. I only remember her code name: "Hi, can I speak to John Denver please?"

I've determined I'm just not that good with babies. I mean, they're cute and all, but they aren't as amusing as older kids. Moreover, they don't find ME as amusing as older kids do. I think we're going to pick up Aryn's nephew (who is one of Kayden's good friends) from school and say hi to our sixth grade teacher while we're there. I haven't seen her since just before I got pregnant.

Umm...that's all I've got. My friend is still breastfeeding her baby and it makes Kayden very embarrassed, but to his credit, he doesn't say anything. Just blushes and turns his head. I find this endlessly funny.

November 20, 2008

Good Morning!

From: Josh Keene
To: Kelli Petersen

I keep thinking today about your invitation to go to the Christmas Parade with the kids and I'm all happified.

Just thought I'd let you know...


To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

Happified? Is that a good thing?

I'm really, really glad you're down with it. I think it'll be fun.

You know, I thanked you for lunch on Monday, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. I'm not sure "appreciate" is the right word. But it was a really nice gesture.

I love you. Like, a whole bunch.


To: Kelli Petersen
From: Joshua Keene

It's a good thing.

Re lunch on Monday: Hey, it seemed like a good opportunity to meet up with you, in fact, since you're free most of the day, anytime you feel like coming around this part of town around lunchtime, I'll gladly meet with you. I know I'd be freaking out if I got laid off. I'm impressed at how much of a cushion you had made for yourself by having a second job.

I love you.


To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

Don't give me too much credit. Most of that cushion is because of the severance package. The part-time job just ensures my rent gets paid next month.

I'm not really freaking out. But I do have quite a few moments of "what happens if I don't find anything before the money runs out?" each day. I have to remind myself that if need be, I can always find a just might not be making as much money as at Opus. God forbid I reduce my visits to Starbucks.

I think I need to set a plan, like if I don't get myself a job by...oh, December 5th, it'll be time to look into a part-time job for the interim. Or maybe that's when I just take anything I can find? I don't know. Last time I was laid off, I was only unemployed for two weeks before finding Opus. I sent out my resume to about 20 jobs yesterday, a couple of which I would be pretty excited about.

Anyhow...if you want to have lunch anytime, just let me know.

November 14, 2008

More Happy Customers

A double whammy with Carolyn (aka, Double-Oh-Beeeautiful!):

Remember this hat? This was one of the conehead hats that finally fits Skyla. She doesn't look happy, but trust me, she loves the hat. I just know it.

After the Hiatus

I took a break from crocheting over the spring and summer. I was far too busy working (read: partying) to settle down and knock some wares out. But the return of the autumn has brought with it the return of my inspiration to crochet again. So, here are some new things I've been working on.

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this scarf yet. Ho hum ha...okay, yes I have. Shows how much I pay attention to what I write here. Anyhow, after originally listing it for sale on Etsy (ooh, I better check to make sure I took the listing down!) and offering it up at the craft sale last year, I decided to keep it. I mean, I only have about fourteen scarves and none in this color:

Another example of keeping a piece originally intended for sale is this stripe-y hat. I met a boy earlier this year who requested a very funky and unique hat: alternating brown stripes with enormous ear-flaps remniscent of a bassett hound. Since I have no creative integrity, I took the commission and set out to make the sure-to-be-hideous hat. However, before I got to the ear-flap portion of the hat, I lost touch with the boy. I finished off the hat and thought about listing it (once again) on Etsy, but realized I only have about 33 hats and only one in this color.

So I kept it for myself also. I consider it not unlike an animal shelter success story. This poor, poor hat was doomed to die a sad death just because of its ugliness--an ugliness it suffered by no fault of its own. But I saved it! Oh yes, I saved it by not sticking on the ugly ear flaps. It's like adopting a little dog about to be gassed. Or whatever they do to euthanize animals these days. Anyhow, the hat (and more importantly, an adorable little baby, who is also glad I didn't gas the hat):

And here are just some random projects that have no exciting, accompanying stories about death:

And the delightful Zoe-Bean: