December 3, 2008


Date: December 3, 2008
To: Josh Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

I tried to get a picture of me in a suit, but that's kind of difficult. Or at least, it was today. My mental faculties are still walking home from Wyoming. Anyhow, so there's at least an upper body shot. You can just imagine what the bottom half looks like. It looks good, in case you need a clue. I think I may try more straight-leg pants in the future. It kind of makes my feet look big, and strangely, that makes me kind of happy. I don't know why big feet would make me happy, but there you go.

I think I'm going to take tomorrow off, so to speak. I've been hitting the job searching, resume-tweaking, suit-shopping stuff pretty hard. I think I would like to just focus on errands and cleaning tomorrow. It's a lot easier to concentrate when I'm not surrounded in clutter and whatnot.

Sooooo...I hate to be presumptuous about this, but I just wanted to throw it out there that I would be willing to, um, forego Christmas present-exchanging this year, if you want. I mean, I know we're both strapped for cash, both have kids to, just an idea...Besides, with any luck, we could make up for it next year.

And I think I lost my social security card today. D'oh!

November 24, 2008

Writing from Utah

Date: November 24, 2008
To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

J-to-the-izzo, Osh-to-the-izzay!

I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.

Anyhow, I'm hanging out at Aryn's house. Kayden is playing a Wii for the first time. And I saw an episode of House last night. Aryn was damn near astonished that I had never seen it before. It's looking like I probably won't see my mom and sister on this trip. My sister is MIA and I can't remember which WMCA my mom is at. I only remember her code name: "Hi, can I speak to John Denver please?"

I've determined I'm just not that good with babies. I mean, they're cute and all, but they aren't as amusing as older kids. Moreover, they don't find ME as amusing as older kids do. I think we're going to pick up Aryn's nephew (who is one of Kayden's good friends) from school and say hi to our sixth grade teacher while we're there. I haven't seen her since just before I got pregnant.

Umm...that's all I've got. My friend is still breastfeeding her baby and it makes Kayden very embarrassed, but to his credit, he doesn't say anything. Just blushes and turns his head. I find this endlessly funny.

November 20, 2008

Good Morning!

From: Josh Keene
To: Kelli Petersen

I keep thinking today about your invitation to go to the Christmas Parade with the kids and I'm all happified.

Just thought I'd let you know...


To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

Happified? Is that a good thing?

I'm really, really glad you're down with it. I think it'll be fun.

You know, I thanked you for lunch on Monday, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. I'm not sure "appreciate" is the right word. But it was a really nice gesture.

I love you. Like, a whole bunch.


To: Kelli Petersen
From: Joshua Keene

It's a good thing.

Re lunch on Monday: Hey, it seemed like a good opportunity to meet up with you, in fact, since you're free most of the day, anytime you feel like coming around this part of town around lunchtime, I'll gladly meet with you. I know I'd be freaking out if I got laid off. I'm impressed at how much of a cushion you had made for yourself by having a second job.

I love you.


To: Joshua Keene
From: Kelli Petersen

Don't give me too much credit. Most of that cushion is because of the severance package. The part-time job just ensures my rent gets paid next month.

I'm not really freaking out. But I do have quite a few moments of "what happens if I don't find anything before the money runs out?" each day. I have to remind myself that if need be, I can always find a just might not be making as much money as at Opus. God forbid I reduce my visits to Starbucks.

I think I need to set a plan, like if I don't get myself a job by...oh, December 5th, it'll be time to look into a part-time job for the interim. Or maybe that's when I just take anything I can find? I don't know. Last time I was laid off, I was only unemployed for two weeks before finding Opus. I sent out my resume to about 20 jobs yesterday, a couple of which I would be pretty excited about.

Anyhow...if you want to have lunch anytime, just let me know.

November 14, 2008

More Happy Customers

A double whammy with Carolyn (aka, Double-Oh-Beeeautiful!):

Remember this hat? This was one of the conehead hats that finally fits Skyla. She doesn't look happy, but trust me, she loves the hat. I just know it.

After the Hiatus

I took a break from crocheting over the spring and summer. I was far too busy working (read: partying) to settle down and knock some wares out. But the return of the autumn has brought with it the return of my inspiration to crochet again. So, here are some new things I've been working on.

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this scarf yet. Ho hum ha...okay, yes I have. Shows how much I pay attention to what I write here. Anyhow, after originally listing it for sale on Etsy (ooh, I better check to make sure I took the listing down!) and offering it up at the craft sale last year, I decided to keep it. I mean, I only have about fourteen scarves and none in this color:

Another example of keeping a piece originally intended for sale is this stripe-y hat. I met a boy earlier this year who requested a very funky and unique hat: alternating brown stripes with enormous ear-flaps remniscent of a bassett hound. Since I have no creative integrity, I took the commission and set out to make the sure-to-be-hideous hat. However, before I got to the ear-flap portion of the hat, I lost touch with the boy. I finished off the hat and thought about listing it (once again) on Etsy, but realized I only have about 33 hats and only one in this color.

So I kept it for myself also. I consider it not unlike an animal shelter success story. This poor, poor hat was doomed to die a sad death just because of its ugliness--an ugliness it suffered by no fault of its own. But I saved it! Oh yes, I saved it by not sticking on the ugly ear flaps. It's like adopting a little dog about to be gassed. Or whatever they do to euthanize animals these days. Anyhow, the hat (and more importantly, an adorable little baby, who is also glad I didn't gas the hat):

And here are just some random projects that have no exciting, accompanying stories about death:

And the delightful Zoe-Bean:

October 13, 2008

I'm Blaming You

Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 1:38 PM

For the way time has slowed down over the past month. I think it’s been 2:37 p.m. for about four days now. I hope you’re happy.

Because, you know, I am.

I miss you.


Date: Monday, October 13, 2008 3:03:46 PM

And you were saying something about how you were worried about your ability to reciprocate with the things that make me feel awesome...

Remember how I was trying to tell you about how you don't need to worry about your ability to do that but that I didn't necessarily want to put too fine a point on it...

Let me just reiterate that: You have nothing to worry about as far as your ability to make me feel really, really fortunate to have found you. Nothing.

I miss you too. I can't believe it's only Monday.

I apologize for making your weeks drag on... insincerely, of course.

I wouldn't undo it in a million years.

September 23, 2008

McCain dug his own political grave

by choosing Palin.

That's all.

A Metalocalypse Kind of Conversation

Stupid Admin: I think we should throw this stapler away!

Kelli: Why?

Stupid Admin: I accidentally stapled my thumb... ::shows bloodied band-aid::

Kelli: That. Is. So. Metal.

She didn't get it, but did say, "You're the only one who thinks it's cool. Everyone else got grossed out."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

**Spoiler alert, by the by**

Okay, I've been thinking about this ever since watching the movie. Let me see if I can articulate what I'm thinking...

At the end of the movie, the characters have the memories of their time together wiped clean. But they meet and begin seeing each other, without recollection of having dated before. Then they come across the audio tapes in which they each said why they despised the other so much.

So, here's what has been on my mind. If you knew for a fact that one day you would break up with someone and even hate them, would you still want to be with them until this happens...for the good times? This isn't my usual, bitter-divorcee "you'll just break up, so why bother" spiel. If you KNEW you would grow to hate someone, would it be worth the effort to you of still having those good times together?

(Let's assume no kids will come out of this or be any kind of factor in the questioning.)

September 22, 2008

Kayden is no longer emo

He decided he wanted to shave it all off.



Kayden has concerns about the government.

I just had the most bizarre conversation with Kayden. He said, "I'm concerned about who will be our next president." Now, my eyes bugged out just a bit at this. I asked him why. He said, "I'm just worried that John McCain (yes, he used his full name) will create a bunch of new laws that I won't like." Umm...ah...well...can't say I disagree with that. We talked a bit about Bush and the war.

And just when I started to get really weirded out about discussing politics with a seven-year-old, I said something about the war not being good and he replied, "But if there's no war, there won't be any more army toys!"

September 21, 2008

Me So Funny!

I thought of a joke. You know how I have that wart on my foot? If anyone sees it and comments on it, I'll say (with the proper level of somber-ness), "Yeah, I got it from having unprotected footsie. Use protection!"

::chortles at self::

And so it starts...

Both Keene and I are super-protective of our kids. Neither of us introduce our kids to anyone we date. But we haven't really talked about when that may eventually happen. I guess it all depends on how we feel as time progresses. I personally wouldn't want Kayden to meet someone he knows I'm dating until I'm fairly sure the relationship is serious. I believe Keene feels the same way.

But here's where it gets complicated. Since we both have primary custody of our kids, we have very little free time away from them. Would it be weird to do a play-date type thing? The reason I wonder is because he said he had a couple extra tickets to the amusement park that he wanted to give to me. I don't know if that means he wants to meet up or what. In any event, it's definitely too soon to go about introducing or even hanging around each others' kids (I think we would have to actually be in a relationship

So I don't really have a question...just wondering. Does meeting the kids have to be a huge deal, only reserved for further down the road? One thing to keep in mind is that while I would introduce Keene as a friend, Kayden would inevitably know it's more than that. He's on super-high-new-stepdad-seeking alert right now.

September 20, 2008

I went to Keene's house at 9:30 last night.

(We had to wait until his daughter was asleep.)

Zzzzzip! <~~~~~That's my sound for fast-forwarding.

We talked A LOT. I guess that's just what we do. He told me a lot about his divorce and his ex, stories that made me kind of want to cry for him and his daughter (but I didn't, of course). We talked about how great Maia and Kayden are (they sound a lot alike). Let me just say: I find it SUCH a turn-on how great of a dad this guy is. The way he talks about his daughter, the way he fought through the teeth to not lose her, everything. It is seriously hot to me.

At one point, we were half-asleep on his couch. All of sudden, we heard a door squeak open. Then we heard his daughter crying, "Daddy! I had a bad dweam! (dream)" She started to walk out of her room and he called out, "Go back to your room and I'll be right there!" She then repeated that she had a bad dream, then went back to her room. During this, Keene had the presence of mind to throw a blanket over me (I had no idea what to do...snort). He attended to her and she went back to sleep. But it cracked me up. "Aw, shit! Busted!" He texted me today to say that she had no recollection of getting out of bed (she was still mostly asleep).

At 3-ish in the morning, I kept falling asleep, so I decided to leave. He kissed me goodbye for about ten minutes, offered me some coffee for the drive home, and kept, well, staring at me.

Moral of this post: this guy is about one bajillion kinds of awesome.

September 19, 2008

Random thoughts of the day

1. Soy chai reminds me very strongly of early-2008. And I love it. So much fun was had.

2. This snippet of email from Keene is from Tuesday, but I wanted to share anyways: "I don't get around to saying this often because I'm always talking about how smart and funny and interesting you are, you are really good-looking. Your good-lookingness has not escaped my attention."

This guy knows what he's doing. ::fans self::

3. Oh and hey, here's another snippet that he just sent, in response to my asking how he felt and whether he still wants to hang out tonight:

Does Larry Craig have a wide stance? Of course I still want to hang out!

I just got home from work. I made sure everything important was done today, and that everyone knew how tough I am to come into work when my side hurts! Man I'm tough. (I did have to play it up a little, but that's just between you and me.)

I'll say it again: Yes, I want you to come over tonight. Let there be no doubt about that.

I'm not sure who Larry Craig is or whether he does have a wide stance... (just went to Wiki and am still not sure what he means...but that makes me just think he's super-clever.)

Kelli = twitterpated

4. ::trying to think of something not Keene-related::

Eh,'s something. I think Crazy CW is trying to get me to offer to babysit her kid tomorrow. I have offered to take him for a couple hours in the past (key phrase being "a couple hours"). She needs a babysitter for about six hours tomorrow. Ah, I don't think so. I told her I know a couple girls who babysit, if she'd like their contact info. She said she has to know the girl personally and she wanted someone older. And yes, she just started looking for a babysitter the day before this event she wants to go to.

5. Oh, and I'm taking Lily to her pre-spaying exam tomorrow. I'm hoping to get her spayed next week and I'm REALLY hoping that solves some of the cat-problems I've been having.


I ate the most disgusting burrito for lunch and feel really yucky. My stomach is actually churning. If I drink enough cream and salt, I'll have fresh butter for you in about an hour.

September 18, 2008

Dear Fashionista Across the Hall

I know gladiator sandals are the new trend and they are unbelievably hip...

But you look stupid in them. This is not Rome. You are not about to battle lions and therefore, need footwear that is lightweight and agile.


Girl Judging You Across the Hall

September 17, 2008

More of Stupid Admin

SA: ::gestures to candy corn:: Do you have the bag to those? I want to see if they contain peanuts.

Kelli: ::points to drawer:: Do you carry an EpiPen?

SA: Yeah, it's at home, though.

Kelli: Doesn't do you a lot of good there.

SA: This is frustrating. It says 'May contain peanuts.' Oh well, I'm going to try it. Life's too short...

Kelli: It's especially short if you take risks like that.

SA: Yeah, well, everything says it may contain nuts these days. ::pops candy corn into mouth, waits a moment:: Okay, I'm good. ::skips off::

She just came back to say that she thinks they may have contained peanuts after all...she's definitely feeling the effects. "And it left the most horrible aftertaste in my mouth!"

I replied that the aftertaste is from the candy corns...they're just that nasty.

I need to vent about the Cat Army.

I absolutely hate having three cats. For some reason, it's different than two cats. Or maybe it's just the third cat (Dodo) which makes my life a bit hellish.

- Dodo and Scar Cat fight CONSTANTLY. And it's not just bickering or whatever. They scream and fight, tear up the house chasing each other.

- Lily has taken to peeing again. Last time this happened, I took her to the vet and got medicine for her UTI. I haven't gotten her spayed yet and that could be the problem. It was never a problem before (since she never goes outside and Scar Cat is neutered). However, I think with the addition of Dodo, she's getting territorial in her little passive-aggressive way. Apparently, spaying will help that. If it doesn't, I don't know what I'll do. It makes me feel disgusting and dirty.

- Some cat, likely Lily again, throws up about once or twice a week. WTF? I don't change up the food (which I heard can upset them) and it's a food that's specifically designed for multi-cat households. One of the cats has even pooped in the kitchen. BAH!! I am not the kind of person who is okay with having this shit in my house. I don't like it and I clean it up and sanitize it with citrus-y smelling stuff to wipe out the smell (so they don't go to that area again).

- I got that Feliway stuff which is supposed to help calm cats and make them behave. So far, it doesn't work. I've had for over a month.

- The litter boxes disgust me. The one the cats typically use is in my bathroom (because I didn't like having a litter box in the living room or guest bathroom). I try to keep it clean (although that in itself is difficult with three cats), but they drag litter out of the box and it gets all over my bathroom floor. I have one of those litter-catching mats, but it doesn't work too well.

- Also, I've tried the litter that is supposed to absorb smells well and I throw on baking soda. But it still smells.

Seriously, this makes me want to take the cats out and shoot them.

ARRRRRRRGGGGG! I hate cats. I just hate them. All of them. Except Scar Cat. Who can do no wrong. He's more human than cat.


CBF's replacement is even cuter than CBF! He's yummy. That's all I know to be sure. I will get his name and more definitive details next time he comes in. In the meantime, his name shall be CBF2.

Homina homina homina

::does the happy-Kelli dance::

September 15, 2008

Are you sick of hearing about him yet?

Because he just met me for lunch. And I acted like a super-shy 'tard. And he said my shyness was endearing. I wanted to explain to him that I'm generally not a shy's just around him. He said he's still kind of shy around me too.

What the mother fucking hell is going on?! I don't like this at all. <~~~~~I'm not going to do anything stupid like stop seeing him or whatever, though.

"Does he have any flaws?"

This is what my friend asked me.

I replied, "Apparently he has a history of bad judgment in women."

He said his mom (who was babysitting his daughter on Saturday) was asking all kinds of questions about me, because she's worried he picked another "winner."

I told him I'm not really into drama, but I could try it on for size if he's into that.

September 13, 2008

Review of Monolith...and Keene

Okay, that was one of the best days of the year...and that says A LOT.

So, to his credit, Keene was really awesome about the change of plans. We had planned to just wander around downtown, chitchat, whatever. But I invited him to Monolith the night before and he happily accepted. Saturday afternoon, we met up and I took him to Leela's. He wanted to see the "really snooty, elitist" cafe I go to. Seriously, this guy is like all the things I look for in a guy, kind of compiled into one (tall!) package.

We. Actually. Discussed. Modern. Art. At. Length.

We ate a quick lunch and then drove to Red Rocks for the festival. Here's a quick rundown of the concert.

Because we had VIP passes, we were able to get super-close to the bands. We were thisclose away from DeVotchKa while they were being interviewed by a tv station:

And Del tha Funky Homosapien:

The Fratellis were awesome:

Mickey Avalon had some hot sluts onstage:

Why are there always hula-hoopers at festivals? And why do they always wear those sillly leg-warmer things? I feel like I'm missing some crucial cultural thing:

The weather became a hazard during Del's set, so it was cut short. But Vampire Weekend was super-duper awesome:

It was incredibly cold and windy and rainy and I loved it:

Keene is pretty cute even when cold:

DeVotchKa was fucking amazing:

The audience went CRAZY. They were way into it (myself included).

There were other bands, but those (and Silversun Pickups) were the only ones I saw.

After the show ended, we went to Denny's for a late-night dinner, then Keene drove me back to my car. ______________________________________________________


I just got this message from Keene:

The concert was great. Thank you (and your friend) for taking me. I had a wonderful time. I've never experienced anything quite like that after-party before. I can't wait to see you again.

This guy cracks me up.

September 12, 2008



Monolith is THE concert of the year. It has a bajillion bands playing that I love. It's tomorrow and Sunday and very expensive. I've been talking about it all year and finally resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be going.

Then Kort called me tonight to tell me she got two VIP passes through AnnE!!! AND SHE IS GIVING THEM TO ME!!

She's spending the day with Zoe, so I'm giving her a couple Elitches passes. I emailed Keene (who I'm supposed to go out with tomorrow) to see how he felt about going, and he said it sounded like a lot of fun.

I'M GOING TO MONOLITH!!!! ::hyperventilates::


I'm waiting for Keene right now. I feel like I'm going to throw up. Even when I was getting ready to meet Daniel for our first date, or going to see the Australian, I don't think I got quite this nervous and twitterpated.

Holy hell! CBF is married now?!

I had noticed he started wearing a gold band on his ring finger, but didn't think much about it (those silly couriers)...

But his Myspace profile says "Married" now.


Ah, well. CBF is so 2007 anyways.

Keene's stock is rising drastically

We have been emailing about 2-3 times a day, texting occasionally at night. And we're going out Saturday. He wants to take me to Guitar Center to show me how to pick out a guitar for Kayden (who is going to start lessons soon). Also, he's just so, so, so sweet. He wrote this:

"I feel like I could very easily go head over heels for you. By nature, I really want to keep my feet on the ground, but I'm so giddily excited about getting to know and spend time with you, and I've been thinking about you a lot. But we've only just began to get to know one another, and I wouldn't even consider tipping my hand like that at this point; I wouldn't want to freak you out or expose my vulnerability yet. So I mainly just try to play it cool and say things like, "You seem all right for someone from the internet."

He's very complimentary and seems sincere. Oh! And I think I may have stumbled onto his wild side. He told me about how he's had a mohawk, did wild stuff in high school for attention, and had a whole bunch of piercings. Most importantly, he alluded to having a "mystery piercing." I replied, "Whoa oh hey oh oh hey! WHAT?!" I'm waiting eagerly for details.

On a side note, he sent me over a couple MP3s of his band's music. I actually really enjoyed the music, which is a relief. And I *really* want to watch him play.

Oh, and Crazy CW has taken to calling him "Ken" which he finds funny. And he said he doesn't mind my calling by his last name. But he said, "Just keep a lid on the 'peachy' when I'm around. I know it's tempting."

In any event, I'm stoked about this guy.

September 10, 2008

I would still have his babies.

Luke Perry...then and now

September 9, 2008


It's a dozen orange roses with a vase and a note:

"I had a wonderful time on Friday night! I can't wait to get together again. Thank you for a great evening."

I quickly hid them under my desk until I'm ready to deal with them.



::still shaking::

Okay, I'm breathing normally...

So, now it's time to start analyzing this.

Don't you guys think it's a little hokey? I will admit that I secretly love getting flowers and think it was very thoughtful. But isn't it also a little cheesy? I don't know... Josh used to send flowers on occasion: half-iversary, b-day, and such. This is the first time I've gotten flowers kind of for the hell of it, and definitely the first time after a date.

I don't know what to think.

Also, I do think it was a big gesture on his part, because I get the feeling he's in the same financial boat as me (which is a small boat, indeed). But I wonder if he did it because he is a romantic or if he felt that's just what you do after a date?

::cough:: And he may have gone with orange because I had said my favorite color right now is pumpkin-orange.


Also, don't you guys think maybe it's moving a little fast? I don't know. ::hyperventilating::

::deep breath:: Okay, I will accept it for what it was: a very thoughtful gesture to show he likes me a lot...and the fact that this was only in addition to the many texts and emails we've exchanged since the date shows that this isn't just something he's doing to make up for there being no substance or thought.

Anyhow, I sent him an email thanking him and saying it was thoughtful and all the single women in my office won't stop chattering at me.

Count on a bitter divorcee to freak out and question the intent of flowers.

Speaking of... ::calls court for the billionth time to see if divorce is final yet::

This was the reply I got from my thank-you email:

I'm glad you like the flowers. I was a little worried that I might be laying it on a bit thick. I must say that the attention that you're getting from your co-workers was a big part of my plan. I'm still getting to know you, of course, and I'm trying to be... prudent, I guess. That being said, you've made quite an impression on me, stalking or not. I like you a lot.

(The coworker line and stalking bit was in reference to a joke I had made earlier.)

September 8, 2008

About Keene

Okay, since I'm pretty sure I'll see him again, I'll tell a bit about him.

- He's a single dad, 30 years old, has full custody of his 4-year-old daughter.
- Works as some kind of technician on microchips that go in airplanes or something.
- Plays the bass in a rock band, also builds guitars as a hobby
- Has a few tattoos (which is suprising, because he looked pretty clean-cut). One of them is a blacklight tattoo (you can only see it under a blacklight...but you can faintly see the "scars" in the shape of the tattoo). Looks really cool.
- Is really smart, which I like...we talked about books, politics, relationships, writing...pretty much everything
- Has a cute way of raising one eyebrow while talking
- Can drink a margarita and not feel his manhood is at stake.

Um, that's all for now, I guess.

Oh, some more tidbits as I remember them (hey, I was's hard to remember it all at once):

- From California
- Was a vegetarian for many years
- ::cough:: Six feet tall

Keene is wanting to hang out at some point this weekend, but it kind of depends on whether I work, as well as when he can get a babysitter...

The Date...and the rest of the weekend

Friday night: had the date with Keene. My first impression of him is that he looks like he could be __________'s younger, skinnier brother...complete with beard. It was a little awkward at first, but got better after a margarita.

So, we went to The Rio, and no, we didn't bump into my coworkers, thank god. We chatted and ate and you'll be happy to hear he paid for dinner. I put up a good fight and explained why I feel I should contribute. We then compromised when he said I could buy him a couple drinks at the next place. We went to a bar next, had a couple drinks, then went to Starbucks and had some coffee. Once they kicked us out (it was around 11 or 12 at this time), we decided we still weren't ready to call it a night, so we walked around, sat in a city park until we got cold, then sat in my office lobby until 3 a.m. Finally, I decided I should probably get some sleep before getting up for work in the morning. We said our goodbyes very awkwardly (to kiss or not to kiss...I opted for NOT kissing, because I was tired and didn't feel the need to kiss, just because we were saying bye).

Saturday: went to bed at 4 a.m., got up at 8:00. Went to the Arvada Harvest Festival, where my first promotional "assignment" was. I began work at 10:00 a.m. and got off at 10 p.m. It. Was. Exhausting. But it's probably the best part-time job I could ask for. I spent the whole day handing out freebies, talking to people about college, flirting with cute guys, and people-watching. It was pretty good. After work, Kort and I got some Taco Bell and went to my place, where I crashed and burned on the living room floor.

Sunday: Woke up at 8:00, began working at 10:00 again. Got to work with just Kort all day, which kicked about a billion kinds of ass. Finally got off at 6:00 p.m. Anne (Kort's friend who we are working for) was really impressed with how many people we got contact information from (over 450, I believe). After leaving, we went to Falling Rock for a beer and chips & queso. While there, ________ showed up and chatted with us for a bit (said he wished we would go there more often and he misses us), played with my hair again, and sadly, talking with him was one of the highlights of my weekend (which says a lot, because I had a pretty good weekend).

After leaving FR, I took Kort home, picked up Kayden, and went home. I did some cleaning, helped him with his homework, read a few chapters, put him to bed, then watched an episode of The Tudors while crocheting.

I woke up still exhausted. Keene and I texted a bit on Saturday and Sunday. He already invited me out for coffee next weekend.

September 5, 2008

I'm starting to get nervous.

My date (and yes, it's shaping up to be an actual date...actually going to a restaurant...not just meeting at a bar or "wandering around") is in about four hours.

Will you please do me a favor and give me one of the following reassurances:

A) "You look SO cute right now!"
B) "You'll knock him dead with your wit/intelligence/sparkly eyes."
C) "He will be awesome, I just know it."
D) "No, your hair doesn't make you look like an unapproachable, little emo-boy."

I think I wouldn't be as nervous if this guy seemed lame...but he seems REALLY cool. We've been talking regularly for about two weeks and each time, his emails crack me up. Plus, he seems really intelligent. We have even discussed punctuation--in length. Yes, really.

Hello, Awkward!

I just got invited to happy hour with the restaurant where I'm going for my date.

I told one of my cws that I would throw her a signal if I wanted an out, she could come get me, then I'll join them for happy hour at the bar.

Honestly, though, I really hope their happy hour has ended by then...that's all I need is for all my coworkers to come up and tell stories of me coming in hungover or worse.

My beef with the kid-havin'

Let's say I fall madly in love with someone, build a lasting connection with them, get my finances in order, and--after all that--feel I'm ready to have another kid. I would assume that would all take three years at the *VERY* least, right?

That would put Kayden at 11 years old...AT LEAST. He could very well be even older by the time it happened.

Here's my beef: would I really want to start over when I'm so close to being an empty-nester? I think I would want another kid someday, but not necessarily want to start all over again. I know some people who have done this, but I just don't think it's for me. For that reason, I would probably just consider adopting or fostering a child.

One of the drawbacks of having a kid so young...

Let's play Complain About the Neighbors!

Here's what pisses me off.

- There are a ton of kids, which is awesome for Kayden. However, they are unsupervised 99.9% of the time I see them. They throw garbage everywhere, there's always food laying in the stairwell, they scream and sometimes curse. As a result, the place looks extremely ghetto.

- One kid always comes to our door and pounds it and won't go away unless Kayden comes outside to play. (This same kid, the little Lothario that he is, asked Kort and I if we wanted to play Spin the Bottle with him.)

- The only adults I ever see outside are men and they *always* stop what they're doing/saying and just gawk at me. Um, a little subtlety please?

Other than that, I do enjoy the building and its diversity. I love when I can hear the Africans shouting across the hall in their native language. And mariachi music is pretty much a given when you're outside.

Date Outfit

My little ragamuffin on his first day of second grade. Obviously I didn't get that haircut for him yet:

My outfit today...not sure i'm liking the blazer with the outfit:

I received this necklace as a gift. I like it: it's pretty and olive-colored. But I'm not sure it looks good on me. It's chunky and comical and reminds me of Wilma Flintstone:

(That's not my bra, by the's a tank top underneath.)

I ended up taking off the necklace, because it looked excessive with the blazer. Now I'm kind of wishing I kept the necklace and changed the blazer.

September 4, 2008

Breaking news about Palin's daughter!!!!

Where the hell do I find this dress?!?!?!

Got into a political argument with Crazy Coworker

She came up and started waxing poetic about how cool it is that Palin is being supportive of her daughter and how cool that she has a 5-month old and blahblahblah...

I think she assumed I was a Republican because of the way she was talking about this. Finally I mentioned that Palin's personal life isn't as important to me as what she believes and advocates for. Then I said I couldn't vote for someone who supports teaching Creationism in school. Then we started arguing about that. She said that creationism should be taught in school and that you can prove it. I said's not based on scientific data and has no physical proof. We actually argued. She said 'scientists are starting to believe in creationism.' Based on what? 'There's proof.' Physical proof? 'I never said it was physical.' I asked her outright what proof it was then. She said she would give me a book to read. Riiiiiiiiiiight. If you can't even give the proof without referring them to someone else's book, how can you believe it? She then said that Christianity has been around a lot longer than "evolution." I then explained to her that Christianity actually stemmed from Zoroastrianism and contains many aspects of that religion (down to the virgin birth of the leader). So should we start studying all religious beliefs in science class? What about learning Hindu beliefs, right alongside creationism? And so on.

Anyhow, I wrapped it up (because it was getting heated) by saying, I was fine with a religious studies class being offered to kids in school...but that I didn't want my kid to learn creationism as a scientific theory. She said she didn't want her kid to learn evolution. I replied, "That's why there are Christian schools then."

She was all pissy and somehow turned it into a discussion of abortion. Sheesh. She said that Palin could have aborted her baby, but it shows character that she didn't.

(I don't disagree...but I also don't think that has any foundation on her campaign. Hell, Obama has never had an abortion either.)

She then said that she's met a lot of people who were almost aborted as fetuses or were even injured during a botched abortion. That made me curious. I asked her why a doctor would stop killing the baby just because he accidentally cut off the arm or something. Wouldn't they keep going instead of stopping and letting the baby live? I don't quite understand that. Did the mom have a change of heart in the middle of the procedure? In any event, I finally just told her that this conversation wasn't really work-appropriate. She replied, "Well, I just figured that you would have understood since you were a young mother..." Um, okay.

Errr....ahh....I might have another date tomorrow

With the single dad from POF. We've been emailing almost every night for about two weeks and he still seems really cool. Perfect spelling and grammar (and punctuation...DING!), solely responsible for his daughter (which, for some reason, is really intriguing to me), has a full-time job, is the guitarist for a rock band on the side, tall, funny, asks me about myself...

I'm excited to meet him because our email exchanges have been so fun. However, I'm really worried I'll just be disappointed. It's possibly I've become really jaded.

September 3, 2008

Visit to Wyoming

After driving 8-9 hours, we were pretty tired and over-caffeinated. I had it in a full mohawk when we first got to my g-ma's. She loved it.

My g-ma used to be a bartender and, because of this, makes delicious drinks. I probably drank more at my g-ma's house than I have in the last month at the bar. These are homemade chokecherry daquiris:

Kort and my g-pa on the deck at sunset:

This is the WY scenery most people don't know about:

"Dude, I'm not so sure about this!"

Wet Kortney:


We finally reached the top of the intermittant spring (a natural river that turns on and off).

"How long until this thing turns back on?!"

We thought we found some weed for a moment:

After we got back to grandma's house, we did some target-shooting:

One of my g-ma's's seriously the size of a small cat:

Then we drank.

And drank:

And drank:

And gambled:

My g-ma made an awesome fondue dinner. It had cheese and chocolate fondue, as well as the oil(?) to cook meats and batter to cook veggies. So good:

And on the final night, she made hot buttered rum:

Said adieu to the grandparents:

And drove home:

We took a detour to see the windfarms:

And saw a coyote:

Bonus: an insane kitteh: