June 27, 2012

There goes the bride.

In keeping with the spirit of this blog, I haven't told you yet that Keene and I got married. Last year.

Now, now, don't be offended. In fact, we didn't really tell anybody (well, just a few) until we had been married for about four months. Why?  Beats me.

Let's back it up and I'll explain. Some time around the summer of 2011, we were officially engaged. I don't really remember when we decided we were going to get married. I mean, we had talked about "when we're married" for a long time, but I don't remember the moment in which we said, "We're engaged." I think it's when we bought our rings. I really should have been blogging during this process. 

So, our original plan had been to fly to San Francisco with the kids (and a few close friends and/or family members) and have a ceremony there.  It would have been awesome. 

But then we found our house.  Despite having purchased plane tickets, we decided that having a wedding and moving into a house within a week of each other is something that only crazy people do. And we were not crazy people. So we cancelled on San Francisco and on our sense of romanticism.

We bought the house, we moved in, we unpacked, we carried on with our lives. Until we remembered, "Hey, yo! We were totally going to get married." Okay, it didn't happen quite like that. Rather, we hemmed and hawed about whether we still wanted a wedding. Then one day in November, we said, "Fuck it, let's just get married."

And so it came to pass that in a drab courthouse on a Tuesday afternoon, we did get married.

Okay, so now the real reason why we didn't tell people for 4-6 months. As you can see, there wasn't a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding the occasion. We celebrated with lunch, beer, and lots of giddy jokes, but we wanted to announce the marriage by doing something a little more special than a Facebook post.

We decided to commemorate the event with professional family photos, taken by the wonderfully talented and charmingly wonderful Sydney of Just B Photography.

So here you go: our family in all of our shaggy, mismatched, but totally adorable glory.

And finally, our marriage announcement:

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