May 14, 2012

Isn't the brain a wonderful frustrating thing?

Apparently visual hallucinations are so last year, because now, my other senses are getting in on the action. Sure, they can be auditory too, but that has always been for special occasions. I tried to find a blog post about the time I smelled vomit, which was especially awesome...but it seems I never actually posted about that. Well, you get the idea.

So where is this all going?  Last night--and I can't be sure of this yet--I think I experienced dream pain. I was sleeping and turned onto my side when I felt an extreme pain on my lower back. Not muscle-related. It felt like a skin injury, like a bee sting but much worse. I actually woke up and cried out from the pain. I felt the area (which was really sore to the touch) and felt blood.

Rather than immediately jump out of bed and figure out what happened, I lay there for another five or ten minutes. Why? Because oh my gosh there must be a huge wolf spider in the bed and I rolled onto it, thereby temporarily paralyzing it, but if I move, it'll bite me again. And also, I was warm and cozy under the blanket. So I lay there trying to decide what to do. While laying there, the sore spot slowly faded.

Finally, I found the willpower to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, and check the spot. Nothing. No redness. No bump. Not even the indent or ripped-off leg of a smashed wolf spider. Nada.  Blood? There was no blood. Pain? Nope, no pain either.

Awesome. Bravo, brain. Maybe I'll watch Jersey Shore or listen to Ke$sha later, just to piss you off.

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