March 15, 2012

A Pregnant Woman's Choice in America

Notes from the Future:

I assumed everyone else wakes up and spends the first three hours of their day reading frustrating articles, like I do. Keene suggested I add some reading material (as well as references), just in case you don't. Also, there are some more articles thrown in, just to make you as pissed about the issue as I am. So we can be grumpy together every morning.

Women: even if you hate abortions, even if you think birth control is for sluts, you should be scared about where all of these potential laws are headed. Just because the laws don't affect you yet, don't get too comfortable thinking it'll stay that way.

Kansas to Pregnant Women: "A Little Lie from Your Doctor Won't Hurt You"
Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills
Arizona Birth Control Bill Penalizes Women For Using Contraception For Non-Medical Reasons
Chuck Winder, Idaho Lawmaker, Suggests Women Use Rape As Excuse For Abortions
Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals"
Texas Loses Entire Women's Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law
Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs
Abstinence-Only Sex Education Bill In Utah Prohibits Teaching Contraception
Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania Governor, On Ultrasound Mandate: Just 'Close Your Eyes'
Rick Santorum To Single Mothers: Government Paternity Tests Or No Welfare
Editorial: Drug testing welfare applicants nets little
Religious groups may get more say in birth control mandate

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