November 1, 2011

Halloscenes from Halloween

I'm just going to say it: thank god Halloween is over. I mean, it's a fun holiday for sure...but it's a lot of work to have that much fun.

We eased into the three-week-long celebration with homemade candy apples:

Then the weather was like, "Oh crap! Totally forgot that it's supposed to be uncomfortably cold by Halloween night." The weather went from a summery high of mid-'80s to a snowstorm overnight:

Meanwhile, I worked on a costume hat for a friend. Her daughter, Alice, was going to dress up as Alice in my friend would accompany her as the Cheshire Cat.

Next, it was time to start putting together my own costume. After joking about it for months, I finally created the Pickles the Drummer skullet.

"Who is Pickles the Drummer?" every reader except Keene will ask.

This is Pickles from Metalocalypse:

The hat started with a basic comb-over design, then I added looooong braids, sewing a few of them over the top of the head. Then the tricky part: the goatee.

Now, I was going to do something risky like gluing it to my face. Fortunately, Keene offered the idea of using thin wires. We threaded wires all throughout the sideburns and goatee, leaving two poking out the top corners. At the ends of these wires, I attached small buttons. This way, we could unbutton the goatee to eat or drink.

While working on the goatee, I did a drunk-Pickles impression:

Throw in a black tee and crocheted wrist guards and my costume was finished:

Oh, and I found a witch costume for Maia for a dollar at a garage sale. Exciting, huh? Well, don't let the sour look on her face fool you...she actually liked it. And I liked not having to spend a lot of time working on another homemade costume.

All costumed up, Maia and I went to a Denver Craft Ninjas event where we decorated sugar skulls:

My friend, Elizabeth, discovered her true calling of making sugar skulls look like Mexican wrestler masks:

Here were mine and Maia's final products:

Finally, it was the big night. We went to a friend's house for dinner and to meet up in a big trick-or-treat group:

Now what you won't notice, but would have if he weren't wearing a mask, is that Kayden finally decided to give this old taking-candy-from-strangers thing a try. He's at the end, dressed as the Scream guy.

Surely, you can pick out the other 11-year-old boys in the group?

Finally, I waited and waited to hear back from Keene about whether he thought it was okay to post a picture of his coworkers all dressed up (and him sporting the Pickles hat at work). But I never heard back. So instead, here is a picture of him all by himself at work:

Annnnnnnnnd now it's time to hang up our Halloween hats, metaphorically speaking.

But not really:

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