September 12, 2011

Craftin' Carnival and Other Crafty News

So, with return of cooler weather, the crochet business has returned to being slightly insane.

On Wednesday night, I met with Samuel of the I Heart Denver store, which will be carrying Bitter o'Clock hats for the season. Let me tell you: if you live in Colorado or any of the surrounding states, you must check out this store. It's beautiful. The kind of beautiful that makes you not want to buy anything, because you'll mess it up. Except that you want to buy everything, so then you struggle internally until you leave, and then you regret not buying anything, so then you make plans to go back as soon as possible.

Oh wait, what? Yeah, so now my hats are right in the mix of things:

(Photo is courtesy of I Heart Denver)

I'm really excited to be included in such a cool shop.

However, after leaving, I realized that, "Ruh roh! I just dropped off my entire stock of animal hats and flapper hats...and I have a craft show in a few days." So over the next three days, I crocheted and crocheted to build the stock back up.

On Saturday, I did a test run of the booth in our still-covered-in-boxes living room. If you squint, you can spot several brand new hats, as well as the Bitter o'Catalog and signs I created over the last week.

So, Sunday was the day of Craftin' Carnival. The event was tons of fun. It had a cotton candy machine, a cupcake truck outside, and some of the most amazing artisans selling their goods.

For example, Mama Zshanna and her prints:

Batty Amanda and her purses:

I'm so in love with this bag. You can't tell from the picture, but it has a super long burlap-type strap, so it can be worn as a messenger bag. I don't even use a purse, but apparently, that's because I've never found one I loved so much. Guess who carries a purse now?

I was also really lucky to have Megan from Wild Paper Flowers right across the walkway from my booth. She sells gorgeous paper flower bouquets:

On a side note, she is also extrememly sweet and was so much fun to talk to all day.

As for me, I've realized this weekend that--as I suspected--high school craft fairs really do not attract my target customers. Hip craft fairs where the girls have asymmetrical hair and tattooed sleeves and the guys have tight jeans and mustaches...those are where my hats fit in.

(This pic was taken at the end of the day, after I realized I never got a picture, so excuse the basically wrecked booth.)

For the last bit of excitingly crafty news, I'll be participating in Denver Handmade Alliance's Art by Craft Market show on October 9th. Details to follow, purchase not necessary, void where prohibited.

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