August 22, 2011

One Last Summer Hurrah

If I could improve my business practices in one way, it would be to work on seasonal products in anticipation of the correct season. All winter, I should have been preparing spring products. All spring, I should have been preparing summer products.

Instead, fall is nearing quickly and what am I working on? Summery freakin' headbands.

In any event, though, they're fun and quick to make which fits in with my hectic, non-crafty life right now.

Here's how they look on a head:

I also had some fun working on these ones, though they took quite a bit longer:

I'm really feeling comic books lately. Maybe it's because I finally got rid of the huge box of comics I had been dragging around for three years. I'll be working on more of these captions soon.

Anyhow, they're now for sale on Etsy. Go check them out. Celebrate summer into the fall.

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