August 8, 2011

Low Tide, Rogue Brewery, and More Beach Adventures

Remember how in my last post I said that I would post more pictures the following day?

And do you remember how prior to that, I mentioned that I had lost all concept of time and space on vacation?

Yeah. So are we good now?

One morning, we woke up at six in the friggin' morning. Set our alarms and everything. We got dressed in our warmest clothes and went down to the beach to explore the low tide.

See, normally the beach looked like this:

But at six in the morning on this particular day, the beach looked more like this:

That grass is not actually grass but algae. Those rocks aren't all rocks, but the occasional huge mass of barnacles and mussels:

In the shallows tide pools, we found anenomes:

Including this large anenome that caught itself a feather. Or maybe a whole freakin' bird and the feather is all that's left of the poor critter:

We saw a lone starfish sunning itself, which was really neat...

Until we did more exploring and found tons more of different colors and sizes:

Anenomes are pretty cool. When you touch it, it tries to suck in your finger. Of course, I didn't dare to touch the big, bird-eating kinds. Also, when they are out of water, they look kind of wrinkly and smushy and, well, gross:

Bonus picture of some kind of armored slug creature above.

Thus concludes our low-tide explorations. Here are some random and fun beachy pictures:

Want to know how to zoom on a camera phone picture?

Seriously. This worked. I didn't think it would, but when held up to a pair of binoculars, the phone actually captured the children playing about 100 feet below us.

One of the days, we joined Keene's stepbrother, his wife, and their baby in Newport to check out the harbor (is that what it's called) and to eat lunch.

Look at these disgusting fish that are just, like, swimming around out there:

Can you imagine having one of those suckers brush up against your leg while you're playing in the waves? Anyhow, I later ate one of those guys on the trip.

On another day-trip, we visited Depoe Bay:

We ate delicious peanut butter and chocolate cream pie (yes, read that again and think of how much you hate me now), drank coffee, visited the little boutiques lining the main street, and tried to see any of the whales that frequent the bay.

Depoe Bay is also home of...

Hooray! Rogue Brewery!

Gather 'round for a family picture, children!

Then we went back to the beach house to taste-test our haul:

And that is all for now. Pictures from our final day will be coming tomorrow. Or will they...?

Anyhow, thanks again to Keene's parents for letting me borrow some pictures for this post. Pretty much any of the clear, non-fuzzy, non-yellow pictures are theirs. Thanks!


Elsbeth said...

Love the photos! That armored slug thing is called a Chiton. They are super fun mollusks!

Hope the Rogue beer was good- we recently toured Stone in San Diego and we loved it.

Joshua said...

A Chiton! Thanks! I was gonna offer 20 bucks to the first person to identify it, but you beat me to the punch and saved me 20 bucks!

Kelli said...

Oooh, Kortney is touring Stone next month! I should see if she'll smuggle some back to Colorado...

Hope all is well, Elsbeth!

misskortney said...

Elsbeth! Glad you liked Stone! I can't wait. Hope you're well!

Kelli - the photos are awesome. I like the effect the camera phone gives!