August 26, 2011

Friday Jumble of Mish-Mashed Stuff

You know how most people say summer is craft fair season? No, you didn't know that? Oh well, they do. However, for me (and most other knitters and crocheters), craft fair season starts in the fall. The weather cools enough so that wearing yarn doesn't seem insane. To prepare for this, I bought--wait for it--a smartphone. I'm finally ready to embrace 2007. Well, not quite. But I wanted the ability to accept credit cards at craft fairs and smartphones are the way to do it. I have to say, this new world is very daunting. "My phone can actually get a virus?!" "Why won't my phone stay charged?!" "You can watch Netflix on your phone?!"

In any event, I'm enjoying some parts of it (namely, the games and the swiping-text feature)...and hating other parts (see above).

So, what other huge life-changes have been going on? Oh, we're buying a house. On Tuesday. Then moving on Friday. And we're totally not ready.

I don't know if you know this, but liquor stores are the best places to get boxes. The boxes are sturdy and a good size. And the store employees are almost always grateful to get rid of the boxes.

Many times, the employees are so nice and helpful that we feel obligated to buy something from them. As a result, our beer-drinking (and tequila-drinking) has increased like three- or four-fold since we started packing.


Last week was the Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta. This is the boat race which Kayden has done for five years now. He's won some races and lost some races over the years. He even got third place last year.

But this year? First place.

(Note all of the frowny faces around him.)


In uber-exciting craft news, I listed this piece of nursery decor on Etsy, a first for me.

Right now, it's for sale as just the frame and felt design. However, in the future, I hope to incorporate one of those weird little, animal dolls I sewed a while back, creating a kind of neato 3-D wall hanging.


Want some music to listen to? In honor of Women's Equality Day, here's Salt 'N Pepa. Tough chicks who objectified men and who paved the way for more female rappers in the mainstream. Love it.


Finally, here are some random life-pictures:


Rick said...

Buying a house?


Remember, it's love that makes a house a home. Stay focused on that, so you can ignore the ice dam that will cause your gutter to leak which will ruin the walls, your carpet, the sub-floor, and your very valuable collection of ninja-turtle trading cards in the basement. Oops!

* Note: this didn't happen to me, but it might some day. Except for the trading cards, which I keep safely stored in a safe deposit box at the bank. (Actually, I don't have a collection of ninja-turtle trading cards, but I think the story is funnier this way)

Kelli said...

LOL Rick...thanks for the advice. Also, I totally don't believe that you DON'T have ninja turtle trading cards.