August 22, 2011

Friday Friday Friday - Fun Fun Fun

Notes from today: this post was intended for last Friday, but Blogger is/was/will always be stupid. So here it is, instead, to kick off your week.


So, my website was hacked yesterday. Sixty dollars and several hours later, it was fixed. However, the beautiful font that was used in all of the headings and titles is gone. Several more hours and multiple re-uploads and backups later...and, well, it's still gone. If anyone knows about Wordpress themes (and ElegantThemes, in particular) and could possibly help me figure out this pesky problem, I'd love you forever. Seriously. I'll even name a pet after you.

Update: I fixed the fonts issue! Hooray! And now I don't have to promise my love and pet's name to a possible stranger!


Here is something deep to consider. Last week, I burnt my arm on the rim of a pot while cooking. It created a thin little rainbow burn.

Now, having just been burnt and still feeling the lingering ouchiness, I saw the burn like this:

Keene, on the other hand, feeling no pain, saw it like this:

A matter of perspective, really.


So, because I'm mostly busy editing a video and repairing my pretty font, I'm going to leave you with some interesting articles I've read lately, all from the website Bored Panda:

Top 33 World's Strangest Buildings

Make Something Cool Every Day


Cool Inventions from the Past

And lastly, here is my newest favorite song:

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