August 2, 2011

Back to the Beach: a Trip to Oregon

We just got back from a week in Oregon. My brain has not yet accepted that we're home, so this will mostly be a picture post.

So, we arrived in Oregon on Saturday afternoon where I met Keene's dad and stepmom for the first time. This would probably be a nerve-wracking situation for anyone else, but I wasn't worried. I think, given Keene's past dating history, they were more afraid of me than I was of them.

Nevertheless, they are wonderful people, though probably insane for hosting us for a whole week. All of us. For a whole week.

We stayed at their house the night or two (it was around this time that all concept of space and time left me), then headed to a beach house in Lincoln City.

Isn't this a strange picture? That's Keene and his dad. Keene is standing a little closer to the camera, but it looks like they're about to brawl. Anyhow, their similarities crack me up.

The beach house was actually on the beach, which shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did. Well, on the beach and up 100 steps. Fortunately, the people who built the staircase took out-of-shape out-of-towners into consideration and included benches on every landing.

The mornings on the beach were beautifully spooky:

Then the sun would come out with a vengeance:

As you might have deduced from the picture quality, I was using my cell phone camera the whole time. Fortunately, Keene's parents took some amazing photos with their camera:

More pictures coming tomorrow!

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