July 6, 2011


We went to a frozen yogurt place last night.

Big mistake.

It's a self-serve place where you put whatever you want in the cup, then pay for it based on its weight at the end. They give you BIG cups (like 16 oz), so you can add toppings and whatnot. We each grabbed a cup. Kayden immediately started filling his. I said, "Whoa! No, you don't get to fill the whole thing..." but then he was off to the toppings. Again, "Whoooooooa! Not so much! Geez, kid!"

Then I turned around and saw Keene. He had filled up his ENTIRE cup with the ice cream and was jamming tons of toppings into it. I really think my jaw dropped. I had to stop him from putting even more on, because the cup couldn't hold anymore. As you can imagine, both of them were really wired for the next two hours.

I told them I'm never taking them there again. Ever.

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