June 27, 2011

The Green Monster Smoothie

Recently, I've started venturing to a wonderous yet perilous new land: the Land of Adventurous Cuisine and Healthy Eating. Okay, both of those are a bit overblown. I'm not about to eat the head of a lamb, so "adventurous" isn't quite right. And there ain't no way I'm swearing off frozen Totinos Pizzas for good, so "healthy" isn't totally correct either. So, maybe I should say, "The Land of Expanding My Heretofore-Sheltered Culinary Horizons and Working on a Tad More Nutritional Meals, Even When the Children Aren't Around."

So, moving along, I found this blog with a recipe for a Green Monster smoothie. Claiming that this concoction will provide a boost of energy, loads of nutrients, and a magical pair of wings (I'm assuming here), I decided to try it out. I won't repost the exact recipe here, but you can find that at the link above.

Basically, it is a banana, spinach, nut butter (or peanut butter if you're not totally sure about all these newfangled ingredients), almond milk, ice, and flax seed:

Then blend it all up:

And drink it all down:

I was surprised by how good it tasted. Kind of nutty, very banana-y, not at all spinach-y.

Experienced immediate stomach pains and cramping, which lasted about five minutes before settling into a steady churning and growling, which I suspect are the flax seeds burrowing into my intestines like ticks, preparing to exorcise the lingering Ghosts of Unhealthy Meals Past:

But then the storm passed and I felt all super healthy like whoa. Thanks, flax seeds!


Bless Keene and his willingness to try anything I hand him


misskortney said...

"Spinach Smoothie" falls under "adventurous" in my book!

Kelli said...

I'm surprised to hear you say that, Kort. I'm certain you've ingested much more adventurous things than I have...