June 27, 2011

Colorado Women's Beer Club Does Aurora

On Saturday, the Colorado Women's Beer Club ventured away from Downtown and met at Dads and Dudes in Aurora. This place is amazing: great pizza (with spent grains from their beer being used in the crusts) and great beers (brewed by the restaurant itself). And a patio. What more could you ask for?

Well, a more central location...but hey, sometimes it's nice to get out of the city. Especially those of us who have to drive twenty minutes to get into the city. There were a couple "suburbs high-fives!" going on among the Aurora-suburbanites of the group. The night was fantasmically fun and makes me so eager for the next get-together that I may actually pee my pants.

When you hear a no-nonsensical name like "Colorado Women's Beer Club," you may picture a group of women with pinched mouths and notepads at the ready for jotting down comments about mouthfeels. Don't be fooled. Here is what you really need to know if you are thinking of coming along to the next meeting:

1. You must be open-minded. This is not like a mom club or a single-girl club or anything designated. We have straight women, gay women, single women, married women, twenty-something women, thirty-something women (and yes, even forty-something women), women with kids, women who don't like kids. It's all there. The one thing we don't have is close-minded women.

2. You must bring your sense of humor. I don't care how humorless you may think you are, you will laugh, by god...

...you may even laugh so hard, that you risk choking on or spraying out half-eaten food:

3. You don't have to be a beer-drinker. And you certainly don't have to be a craft beer snob. So, what if you only like Bud Light or even just rum? Are you willing to occasionally listen to beer-related topics and reviews, or try a sip or two (or even brave a pint) of a tasty brew? Yes? Hurrah! You're CWBC material!

It's true the club is comprised mostly of women who really like their beer. But there are also members who are just venturing into beer territory and those who aren't sure if they want to start that journey at all. No one will tease you or force you to drink (although that would make for a great adult version of an after-school special). But we will offer recommendations, answer questions, or let you try some of our own drink, if that is what you want.

4. This is not for the faint of heart. Topics tend to stray wildly from strictly beer lectures. This one is like the love-child of "be open-minded" and "have a sense of humor," because when a group of women get together for several rounds of beer, the conversation can get awfully rowdy.

5. You will make friends, dammit. And you will want to keep coming back for more.

If you're worried about being the newbie or about coming alone, feel free to email me (kjaidea [at] yahoo.com). Or you can start interacting with members on the CWBC Facebook page. This is definitely not an exclusive club and we love meeting new people. We will make you feel welcome or die trying.


Chelle said...

If my folks had not been in town I would have TOTALLY been there! Looks like you all had a Great time! Can't wait to meet up with you all soon!

misskortney said...

If CWBC had a marketing budget, we'd hire you in a hot minute to write for us. Maybe I'll offer to pay you in beers.

It was the most girls-night 'beer club' we've had, and it was definitely a needed night to have.

Kelli said...

Chelle, a couple of the girls asked if you were going to join us that night. I had seen your parents were visiting, so I explained. But just know you were missed. :)

Kortney, beer or chips/queso would be a most gracious payment. In fact, I will not say anything more about your club until you start 'paying' me. It's like a beercott.

Chelle said...

Holy Crapola.....must have been a DANG good night. I just noticed the last picture with Kortney holding the bill! WOW!