May 4, 2011

Where in the World is Bitter o'Clock?

Jeez, Kelli, you slacker! Why aren't you blogging as much anymore?

Well, inner voice, I've been busy becoming internet-famous! It's true.

Here are some recent places you might spot some of my hats in action:

CraftGawker is a beautiful website with beautiful photos of beautiful crafts. And my hat.

HandmadeTop10 is a site where you can submit a handmade item and hope it doesn't get too badly torn apart by the competitive masses. I submitted a hat to the Crochet division and huzzah:

My "Cartoon Cat Hat" (or Garfield for you non-lawyers out there) won 3rd place!

But wait, there's more:

I also submitted a hat to the Children's Items division...and, while not quite as impressive as the cat hat:

...the Frogger hat won 7th place, which is pretty cool.

And finally, at Handmade Gift Gallery:

No hats of mine in here...but I did make the treasury, while under my secret identity as Bitter o'Clock, so that totally counts.


Rick said...

Slacker. Glad to see you're getting the recognition in the crafty community that you so greatly deserve. Now stop "succeeding" and get back to blogging.

Kelli said...

Rick, I can't NOT succeed. I just can't. Even when I fail, it's only because I intended to and therefore, succeeded at failing. It's my burden to bear.

But I will get back to blogging