April 30, 2011

School Performance: Singing, Dancing...Rapping?

On Thursday, the fourth grade performed musical numbers for their teary-eyed parents. It was a tribute to Colorado, to showcase their newfound knowledge of the state.

Before the show started, Maia was, well, weird. Here's the secret, though: she was weird afterward too.

The show began with Kayden front and center-right (in the orange shirt)...

...holding a "D":

For the next 45 minutes, they sang (look for Kayden off to the far-right)...

They danced...

They did not, however, hail Hitler...despite what this looks like:

...and they rapped. This was a hilarious addition to the show's mix of old-timey ditties and bombastic showtunes-style songs:

"Pikes Peak or Bust!"

Times like this, I realize how truly quickly and overwhelmingly the world can change. That being said, though, the kids killed it. As if remembering all those words and singing them along with 100 other kids weren't hard enough, they threw in some rockin' moves to boot.

(By the by, if you liked the performance, feel free to leave a comment for Kayden just below this post.)

On a side note, I always say Kayden is my mini-me. However, this is one area in which we are so different. I was terrified of public speaking, performing, and even just being on stage as a kid. I would purposely miss school on the days I knew I would be receiving an award or performing with the choir at an assembly. Kayden, on the other hand, was really excited to get up there and perform. Given his general shyness, I was very impressed by this.

Kudos, dude!

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Joshua said...

Indeed. It was quite sick.