April 18, 2011

Just Another Catatonic Monday.

I keep nodding off. Pandora seems to be trying to lull me to sleep with its insistence on playing Sting. On my Janelle Monae station. Really, Pandora?

So, in an effort to stay awake, I'm going to do a mish-mash post. It's been a while. Plenty to be mashed about.


I recently got a package in the mail. It was a box full of free samples: Starbucks Via, CoffeeMate creamer, deodorant, and more. It was like Christmas. Well, like the Christmas when my mom, tired of wrapping individual presents, got each kid a big box and tossed all their presents into it. And wrapped one single box. She was a smart lady.

Anyhow, the box. I don't know who sent it, because I was immediately blindsided by the excitement of being surprised. Deodorant! Biscotti! Wowie!

Well, one of the items in the box was something called Dream Water. Underneath warnings about not consuming it with energy drinks or while driving was a cute little tagline, "Dream Responsibly." Sold!

Now, when I am either stressed or in an especially creative phase, my mind refuses to go to sleep. As a result, I hadn't been sleeping well lately. I took a sip of the Dream Water and finding it pleasantly overly-sweetened like Kool-aid made by children, I downed the whole bottle.

Fast-forward 20 minutes. I didn't exactly pass out. But my movements slowed until I stopped crocheting altogether. I sat and watched a show with Keene, uncharacteristically not fidgeting, not talking, not doing anything else. I didn't go to sleep any earlier than usual, nor did I stay asleep any more consistently than usual. But it did manage to turn me into an unproductive sloth for the night, so kudos to you, Dream Water. You have bested me this time, with your mysterious arrival and alluring tagline.


We recently went furniture shopping (well, furniture-looking-at-and-talking-about-and-ultimately-deciding-against-everything). While there, we spotted something familiar. For a low, low price of $29.99, you too can own the Johnny 5 television stand:

If you are my friend on Facebook (and I don't know why you wouldn't be, we're pals, right?), then you know by now that I have gotten rid of Old Man Car. Yup, I traded him in for a sexier, younger, and taller vehicle. I'm not really good at that whole loyalty and commitment thing.

Behold my Jeep:

And, of course, Keene wasted no time in disassembling it to see how it works:

Yes, while I was driving.


And if you don't "like" my Facebook page, Bitter o'Clock (and I don't know why you wouldn't, I'm pretty cool, you know), you haven't yet seen my newest geniusness.

The Combover Hat:


Hmm...I usually throw some recommendations into mish-mash posts, don't I?

Let's see...

Okay, check this out from the Etsy shop, lilimandrill:

You could put your face on a stamp. If you're hip, you could put a mustache on a stamp, then stamp it on whenever you're in an ironic mood. I could have one made with the word "Fantastic!" on it, then stamp anything I deem worthy. ANYTHING could be made into a stamp.

Wouldn't that just be the coolest thing? No, but really, it is. Quit arguing. Or you won't get the Fantastic stamp on your forehead. You'll get the "I argue a lot" stamp instead.

As for a song, this is kind of an oldie, but it's on my mind today. "Soundtrack to the End" by Communist's Daughter:

Finally, this girl makes awesome animal noises. I'm guessing she is even better after a couple of drinks:


...until next time:


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

The Dream Water sounds awesome! :)


Kelli said...

LOL...it probably would be awesome if I weren't trying to be productive that night. I bet this would be great for people who need the help to relax, though!