April 29, 2011

A Birthday Photojournal by Maia

Maia's 7th birthday fell on Easter this year. Among her presents was a camera from her Grandpa Lewis. She immediately set out on a mission to seemingly kill the battery before the day was out. And so I'll hand the post over to Maia, to show you what the world looks like from her eyes.

One of her birthday presents was a Barbie bathroom furniture set. The family immediately was drawn to the toilet, with which we had a rowdy good time playing:

Then it was time to head out to Maia's great-aunt's and -uncle's house for Easter dinner (and more importantly, dessert):

Toward the end of the night, Maia gathered all the grown-ups (and Kayden) for a group shot:

If you'll notice, I'm taking a photo at the moment. Here is that photo of our photographer in action:

Then she rallyed her aunts, Becca and Rachel, for close-ups:

There was an egg hunt for the kids:

And finally, it was time to head back home:

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