March 14, 2011

"Less Hats, More Blogs."

This is what Keene's mom told me when I asked for her opinion about the newest hat I created. I agree, Susie, enough with the stupid hats already! In fact, I may not even blog about hats right now. But I probably will.

On Saturday night, I decided to crochet a new animal hat. Since I don't use patterns, I can never guarantee how a hat will turn out. In the past, I've generally had good luck with just free-handing it. I whipped up a basic beanie to work with, then began adding the details: a snout, some viciously yellow eyes, a felt nose...

And here is how it turned out:

By the way, did I mention I had been drinking? And apparently channeling a demon who, using my crochet hook and hands, had manifested itself in acrylic form.

Upon finishing, I showed the hat to Keene, asking, "Well, what do you think?!" Now, Keene is a considerate guy. No, that's not it. He's a smart guy. He knows there is no good way to point out flaws to a woman, unless you are another woman (preferrably one with a few years of pull-your-big-girl-panties-on cred under your belt). So when I asked his opinion, he carefully asked, "Is it a bear?"

"No, it's not a bear!" I told him what kind of animal it was supposed to be.

"Oh, uh, maybe you could make its ears pointier?" He pulled a picture up on Google.

"No! The ears aren't supposed to be pointy!"

"Maybe, uh, pin them back?"

"No! I'm just going to sleep on this. I'll wake up in the morning and decide I was being too picky and it actually looks awesome."

Turns out, nope. I woke up the next morning, walked out to the dining room, to find this hat hanging on the chair, its eyes watching me, following me across the room. It still didn't look like what I had intended. I decided to pose the question to the internet: what kind of animal is this? Here are some of the responses I received:

Sarah: "It's a bat...or a weasel. A bat-weasel!"

Alison: "Darth Vader"

Rachel: "That's definitely a rhino. He is upset about misplacing his horn."

Fellow Etsian, Wednesday's Designs: "A chupacabra!" (Given my experiences with El Chupacabra, I'm loving this idea.)

Several people on Twitter suggested it was a Doberman. Hmm...I could see that.

So, after giving it some serious thought, I've decided this hat will be the elusive and deadly El Chupadogra. It was once a normal guard-dog, until it sold its soul to the devil in exchange for a good ol' leg-humping and a rock to chew on. Now it is a creature of the night. And a hat.

On sale today! Get it before it gets you!

Oh, and a thank you to all of you who not only made this drunken mistake into a legitimate product...but also gave me substance with which to create a blog post finally, thereby satisfying Susie. ;)

Oh, what's that you ask? What kind of animal was it supposed to be?

Surely you can see the resemblance now? Right?


Rick said...

If all your hat posts are like this, then I say Susie is wrong... More hats please!

I was firmly on team doberman until I saw the reveal. Awesomely horrible.

Kelli said...

Yeah, part of me wants to delete the panther picture and pretend that it was supposed to be a Doberman all along. Even though no one would be the wiser, I have to confess that the stupid hat looks nothing like what I intended.

It's like an unhealthy need to be honest or to confess. Residual mormon guilt, perhaps?