January 14, 2011

Soul Body Thing

Did the soul body thing...it was actually pretty cool.

So, to preface, I would say that I'm an open-minded skeptic. I want to believe that stuff like this works, or I think that if someone believes in it, it can work...but I don't necessarily think it'll work on me.

I joined a group of people upstairs. Jonette explained about how Soul Body Fusion works and how she wants to do some tests for her new book. She had just met a kinesiologist (I think I spelled that right). He was going to test our "calibration" before and after she did her stuff. So, the idea is that your something-something calibration is between 0-1000, with 200 and under being like just really bad people and 1000 being like Jesus. (I am summarizing...I may have it wrong.) Like, the low end of the scale are for "dark" people. The high end is for spiritually-conscious people (but not in the religious sense).

I got something like 278, which was kind of embarrassing. What you have to do is hold your arm straight out. Hot guy pushes down, while you push up, while he asks questions. It's weird: I felt strong as can be at times, but at other times, I couldn't keep my arm up for the life of me. He made a joke about how I didn't have to wrestle with him. I was like, "I will fight for a higher number."

So, then I sat down with Jonette, closed my eyes, and she just kind of held my hands for about five minutes, sometimes talking, sometimes quiet. I was trying very hard to be open-minded and to feel for any kind of electric currents like the other participants said they felt. However, I didn't really feel that. Instead, my entire left arm began feeling very painful. My entire upper body began feeling like it was twisting and that it was bound (like with ropes), all around my shoulders, back, and chest. After a while, much of my body just went numb, heavy, like I couldn't move.

As soon as we finished, it all went away. Weeeeeeird. Now the area that felt bound by ropes is really achey, but I do kind of feel energetic. I can't type well because I'm kind of buzzing.

Oh, so then I went back to the kinesiologist and he retested me. Again, I tried so hard to push up, but I just couldn't. I think my score improved by two points and is supposed to improve steadily over the next few weeks. He mentioned that my score is probably that low because I've never done anything like this before.

I just hope I don't get fired for having such a low soul-being calibration score.

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