January 16, 2011

I chewed out Keene yesterday re: Kayden

See, here's the thing: I am very self-sufficient regarding Kayden. Anything he needs for school, I do for him. I do the fun stuff with him. Keene basically will do something with both kids or Maia...but not really just Kayden. On the other hand, I will do stuff with just Kayden or just Maia. It's not because he doesn't like Kayden. It's that he tends to 1) not think about it, 2) be too busy working on music stuff or playing with Maia, 3) get kind of intimidated by Kayden.

Now, the only time I really ask him to do something for Kayden is for Cub Scouts. Like building a boat or building a car. Because he's really good at that and because I am really not.

So, the Pinewood Derby is coming up. We've had the materials for over a month. I keep reminding Keene that it's coming up. He only started working on it (after I got upset with him about procrastinating) this week.

Sunday at 5pm (last night) was the deadline to check in the car. By 2pm, Keene was still playing computer games. The car didn't have wheels and needed some other important details. I said, "You don't seem like you're really into this car thing." He shrugged and said, "Not really." Yeah, I got upset.

We went to the room to talk about it. I explained (albeit with tears and raised voice) how frustrating it was that he can't even summon the enthusiasm, when he rarely has to do anything for Kayden. I said it wasn't just about Maia...if I had to be a step-parent, he had to be one too. He admitted I was right and that he had to make more of an effort. After that, he worked with Kayden to finish the car. Later that night, Kayden had a couple friends over and Keene helped them make some Halo movies with their toys.

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