December 9, 2010

A skeptic in a house of spiritualists

I went up to the kitchen to get some tea. I made sure not to use the milk jug filled with water, marked "BLESSED". The monk came upstairs and I said, "I don't see you up here much!" (He's seriously the quietest guy ever. I've seen him maybe 3-4 times since working here.) He said, "I come up here to heat up my macaroni. I don't really eat anything else." :eyebrow:

He then said, "I just got done healing myself of a cold. It took a day, instead of weeks."

I said, "How's that?"

He said, "Funny you should ask," and pulls out a little metal dildo-looking thing, the size of a pen. He said it's an energy something-something-something that you wave it around and it heals you. In fact, he just healed a woman with lung cancer the other day.


He then told me he sells them for $300. Or, I could try some powder for less.

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