December 30, 2010

The Astrologer Monk

The monk does astrological charts. He said in 2012, somethingsomethingsomething planets aligning for the first time since my birth. This means there will be a big change in my life, involving more responsibilities. According to the time of my birth, he foresees it involving travel. That could be cool or worrisome.

Also, he said somethingsomethingsomething all my planets are in only one section (??) which is very rare. It means something blahblah I have the propensity to become a public figure and that it could mean I'll be famous, despite being introverted.

He also said Scorpios are notorious for being sexy, secretive, and successful. And since my rising sign is Aquarius, I'm a good person and like to help others.

I really like my work conversations.

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