November 8, 2010

So, a drummer and a bassist walk into a hip-hop club...

It's been about a month since Keene and Mike made their foray into the world of hip-hop, playing backup to the talented rapper, Time. And it's also been about a month since I said videos were forthcoming. It's also been about a month since I cleaned my room, but that's not pertinent to this story.

During that month, the Keene/Mike duo have played several shows around town. More importantly, though, they have begun recording these shows.

To start, this is one of my favorites, with the keys (played by AwareNess) reminding me of Matisyahu's catchy "Thunder".

What I find the most interesting about the next video is in the first twenty seconds when Time and Keene chat while the latter is playing the opening riff.

See, this doesn't happen at home. Keene, compulsively unable to multi-task, will give me the blankest of stares if I try to talk to him while he is practicing.

"Keene! The kitchen is on fire!" I might shout on any given weeknight.

To which he will reply:

Then maybe five minutes later, he'll shake out of his stupor, look to where we have all stopped-dropped-and-rolled, then say, "So, the house is on fire, huh?"

Head over to Keene's YouTube page if you want to watch more videos of their performances.

As a special treat (what am I? A salesguy now?), there are some clips of Extra Kool playing at one of their shows. This is my personal favorite.

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