October 6, 2010

This whole tween phase is strange.

Kayden and I have a great relationship. He knows he can tell me anything and I won't get mad. He tells me stuff that is embarrassing, but he knows I won't laugh. And so on.

So, the latest thing is talk of running away. I don't think it's necessarily him having these thoughts. It sounds like he has a couple friends who bring it up in different ways.

One night, as we were reading at bedtime, he said, "I had thoughts of running away earlier, but I'm not thinking that now." I talked with him about it, trying to figure out why he would think that. Turns out, he had had a rough, hormonal day in which Maia was bugging him, he couldn't play with his friend at school, whatever. So I told him that ANYTIME he just wants privacy, he needs to let me know and I'd keep Maia from bothering him. He felt better and that was that.

Then last night, he told me that a friend of his "dared" him to run away. He said, "I don't know why he would say that." I didn't really understand the context of this, but talked with him anyways.

I explained that many times, kids are frustrated and upset, so running away seems like a good way to blow off steam. However, there are so many people out there that would snatch him up and hurt him. We would never know, because we would just think he had run away and would return soon.

I also told him about how, growing up, my mom would often throw me and my sister out of the house for days on end. No money, no food. I told him of the time when I had to stay at Denny's during the days and sleep there at night, because I had nowhere else to go. I explained how it may seem neat to be on your own, but really, it's just scary.

Soooooooo, I really don't get the impression that he is upset with his home-life or anything. He's generally happy, occasionally getting annoyed with Maia, but that's it. In fact, he told me last night, "Even though Maia and I fight and I'm still getting to know her, I still like her 99%."

However, I think at this age, kids are starting to learn the concept of "running away" as a solution for anything that upsets them.

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