October 13, 2010

A Story by Kayden

Kayden wrote the following story for a class assignment. His teacher so enjoyed the story that she copied it onto a transparency, to project for the whole class to study...

Boom! The ground shook as I was startled from sleep. I got dressed and took off to investigate. I found my dad who was paralyzed with fear.

The sky was pitch red. There were meteors falling from the sky. I could see 15 hurdling towards the surface. I wondered what was happening at my mom's house.

I was relieved that it...was over. My mom had no idea they hit Colorado. The entire world was hit except some of North America, the South Pole, Antarctica, and Canada.

I thought, "Well, there goes our trip to Paris".

Here are my thoughts:

1. He is so incredibly creative and well-spoken, especially for an almost 10-year-old.

2. The line about his mom having no idea they hit Colorado? True dat, son. He truly captured my obliviousness. A friend from Utah onced called to ask if I were okay. I replied, "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" She said, "Um, there's a tornado in Aurora right now. I'm watching it on the news." "Really? Oh, crap."

3. I love his ending. It wraps up the story perfectly. I can't do that. I suck at endings, so he has already surpassed me in this area.


Rick said...

I love the visual of "pitch red"... so awesome.

Hello? This is a perfect opportunity for a crudely fashioned graphic.

katym said...

Good writer! I love the last line :) Hope to see more of Kayden's stories. Future Stephen King!

misskortney said...

So impressive! Kayden has always been very well spoken for his age. This story proves that he's also well written for his age.

Does that make sense? Can someone be well written? Or just a good writer?

Kayden is a good writer for his age. How's that?

Mab said...

I just love that he actually ended it in a humorous manner! That makes it even better.

Kelli said...

Kayden says: Thank you, people. ::giggle::