October 8, 2010

So, this sucks.

Having to tell my boss I'm leaving.

I had *just* sat down at my computer when the interviewer called me to say they both loved me. It was one of the chillest interviews ever.

I pulled into the looooooong driveway and parked my beater in front of the owner's big house. Okay, that'll make an interviewee a little self-conscious. I met the owner. He is an author and also runs a whole bunch of business-building seminars. When I walked in, I immediately noticed shoes beside the front door.

I said, "Oh, should I take off my shoes?" while thinking, "please say no, please say no." Could you imagine doing an interview with bare, stinky feet?

Luckily, he said no.

He showed me around the house, as well as the koi pond and waterfall in the backyard.

So, I talked with him and the woman who is leaving the position. They were both intrigued with my assessment, on which I was brutally honest. Then he talked a lot about how our personalities would work together. Then we pretty much all sat down and bullshitted for the next 1.5 hours.

I have a really good feeling about the people, about the location, and about the job itself.

I'm kind of waiting to hear back about the salary before I tell my boss anything.

Oh, and I'm fucking DREADING telling her.

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