October 11, 2010

Letter of Resignation.

I am sorry to say I have to quit. I have enjoyed working for you, and appreciate all that I have learned. It’s been a great experience to work with you, as you have been an inspiration as a female business owner. However, I have taken a position that is more in line with my writing goals. This final decision was reached only after thorough consideration.

I know this is coming at a really lousy time, considering how busy you are. Because of this, and because you have treated me so well, I would like to tackle the issue of finding and training a replacement before my last day, October 20th. I can set up the ad, hold initial phone interviews, and bring in the most qualified candidates to meet with you. I can even train them, as well, even if that means coming in during off-hours or after my last day.

Please feel free to contact me after I leave if I can be of any assistance. And again, I’m very sorry for the suddenness of this.

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