October 6, 2010

I just had a spontaneous phone interview.

Quite out of the blue, I applied for a job earlier this week. I was drawn to it, because in addition to typical office stuff, it listed this:

- very computer savvy and quick to learn, including internet-based applications.
- supports training sessions -- produces participant guides, ships books & materials, invoices client, doe some light modification of the guides (some graphic/layout program capability - or ability to quickly learn)
- Editing marketing/email copy.
- Writing blog posts.
- Social media management.
- Video editing.
- Graphics and layout design.
- Create & submit Press Releases.
- Manage WordPress websites.
- Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
- Writing marketing copy.
- Any capabilities needed for online learning and development.
- Simple website changes.
- Instructional design.

So, I applied. Left out the typical professional cover letter and just wrote a casual email with my resume.

They wrote me back that afternoon, asking me to take a personality assessment (that's their business). I took it.

The lady who is leaving just called to talk with me. She said they were very interested in my assessment. We talked for about an hour about the job. She said she's going to check on the boss' availability, then get back to me. They want to meet me this week. She even offered to meet me halfway for coffee or something.

Oh, and this office is only ten miles from my house. Unlike this current job which is 3-4 cities away.

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