October 21, 2010

Holy moly. I don't think I've let this much time lapse without blogging (unless I was traveling, but even then, I think I popped on). Basically, I've started a new job. I haven't blogged about it yet because, well, I'm just starting (and because the new job knows I have a blog and that would be weird to discuss my feelings about it in such a place where they could read it--not that those feelings are bad, though! Oh crap...do-over!)

Anyhow, with leaving my old job, starting the new one, and topped with the internet not working for the past few days, I have not been able to update. Hell, I haven't been able to turn in an article which is now overdue by...oh, three days? I should probably get on that. Dang.

So yeah, this isn't actually a post. This is a "I haven't forsaken you, O Blog!" I will have to figure out a new posting schedule and all that jazz. Meanwhile, here is a couple teasers before I have to run back to the office.

What? Like you've never used a child's head to play the cello?

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