September 29, 2010

Some new developments

Many new things are happening in the land of The 'Burbs, which is why I haven't been as diligent about posting.

1. Fall is nearly upon us, so crochet orders have started rolling in.

2. Because of #1, I have created a Facebook page for Bitter o'Clock. The idea is to connect with the people who are interested in crocheting (but maybe not especially interested in my random blog posts about music or laundry detergent). Also, I want a venue for holding an occasional giveaway or posting discounts to my Etsy shop. Sure, I could do that here, but this isn't really a crochet blog, per se. So, you know, just keeping it separate.

(Also, if you would like to see pictures of customers wearing their Bitter o'Hats, you can find those on the Facebook page, as well.)

3. Speaking of #2 (not that #2), if you have any ideas for possible giveaways, that would be awesome. I'm new to that whole "pay someone to like you" concept. But it worked brilliantly in that Patrick Dempsey movie in the '80s...

4. On the writing front, I'm starting a new series on my Examiner site, in which I will interview teen parents (either current or former). My goals for this are: 1) to debunk the stereotypes and quell the discrimination which teen parents currently face; 2) to show what life is really like as a kid with a kid; 3) to inspire teen parents...not punish them; 4) to make teenagers more aware of this as a possibility. Not because I think we should encourage abstinence, hell no. Rather, I think teenagers should know this is a very real possibility, whenever they have sex.

5. Finally, I've been looking into even more writing opportunities, because girl's got to make a name, as well as a living, right?

So, that's all.

Don't worry, though, I will continue blogging. (By the way, I'm talking to you, Keene. Because I'm pretty sure you are the only one worried by the idea of no more blog posts.)


Rick said...

I would think that by this point, you would at least acknowledge me when you're fishing for no-more-blog-post pity. Yes, Keene likes your blog posts. So what? He has to (am I right Keene?).

But, what about me? Don't I count? Just because I'm some nameless freaky blog-fan out there on the interwebs posting comments somewhat anonymously, doesn't mean I'm not a real person with real *feelings*.

Just kidding of course. Glad you're kickin' it over there. Keep up the good work.

Kelli said...

So true, Rick, so true. But it worked, didn't it? I got your pity, and you can't have it back. The reason I mention Keene is because he takes it as an affront against him and his boring lunch hour if I don't post.

(I was going to joke about how he beats me when I don't post, but he didn't like it so much the last time I tried that.)

Speaking of fans of nameless freaky blog-fans, do you have a Facebook/Twitter/insert-other-social-network-here page?

Rick said...

Well, if I revealed my true-identity then... well, nothing would happen. Sure, I dare you to follow me: @ricker

Joshua said...

Glad to see the post today!

Now, if you could go ahead and try a little harder to get them done and posted by 11:00, that would be great. Thanks.