September 24, 2010

Is it 2022 yet?

::waiting for Maia to turn 18::

Okay, not really. I'm actually more irritated at Keene. But I don't know what year he will be moving out.

So, the kids only "earn dessert" if they eat their dinner. Maia said she didn't want to eat all of her salad. She had maybe only eaten half of it, at the most.

Keene was firm on not getting dessert if she didn't eat her salad. So she started crying. And from there it dissolved into:

Keene: Go to your room if you won't stop crying.

Maia: No. ::still crying::

Keene: Go.

Maia: ::still crying, not moving::

Keene: ::tries to reason with her about why she needs to do what he says::

Maia: ::crying harder:: I don't want toooooooo!

Keene: I'm going to count to three. If you're not calmed down, you'll go to your room. 1...

Maia: ::cries harder::

Keene: 2...

Maia: No. I just want dessert...

Keene: But you can't have it since you didn't eat your salad.

Maia: But I wannnnnnt it! ::cries harder::

Keene: ::still explaining::

Maia: ::still crying::

Keene: ::still explaining::

Maia: ::still wailing away::

Kelli: Maia, go to your room!

Maia: ::cries harder but goes to her room::

From there, I hear her yelling about how mean I am. Sometimes I'm in a no-win situation with the two of them.

She knows I'm the one that means business. She does what I say immediately. With Keene, she knows that she can distract him by saying, "Don't you love me?" Plus, as good as he has gotten about following through, he still gives her way too many chances. And I think she knows that, too.

Fortunately, this kind of thing isn't as frequent. And Keene is good about standing behind me, as far as saying, "Whether it is me or Kelli that send you to your room, we are in agreement that that is what needs to happen."

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