September 23, 2010

I'm intrigued by this Craigslist ad

I need to organize a group of people to rescue my friends Dog. It was taken because its a mix Pitbull but that poor dog would not harm a fly. The dog is well trained and behaved and is sick barely could chase after a squirrel if it wanted to. The owner has had the dog since 2005 and lived in her Home for 3+ years and just because a no good freaken neighbor decided to call on her they came and took her dog.

My friend is not allowed to see the dog she has to prove all kinds of things to the stupid court systems which she does have all the right obvious things, but you know how are systems can be all messed up and come up with bull shit.

So what I am asking is if can get a group of people to save her dog incase the court system does not allow her to get her dog back please respond for more details in how to save the dog Thanks very much appreciated.

People with history or doing crazy things very much encourage to respond or people that are illegal in this country and ready to leave please respond to do a good deed.

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