September 22, 2010

Great American Beer Fest, Keytars, and Litterbugs

The air is getting a little colder each day (but not very quickly...damn you, global warming!) and that means only one thing for me: craft fairs.

No, wait. It also means breaking out my insane collection of jackets and hats and scarves. And large heating bills. And the pleasure of putting my ice-cold fingers and toes on Keene when he's not expecting it. (Or when he's sleeping, that's the best.)

And trying to get to work safely, despite having a rear-wheel-drive car that considers itself an Olympic-worthy speed-skater.

Where was I going with that? Who knows, anymore?

So, I made a hat. That's all.

Notice what I did there? I could have just opened up the post with "I made a hat." But instead, I roped you in, made you wonder and wonder where I was going with this, so by the time you read "I made a hat," it's like I solved all the world's problems.


Speaking of crochet, have I mentioned that I hate cats? It is very common to find some piece I had laboriously created pushed under the stove, carried into the litter box, or most recently...

As a result, my return on investment is facing a 10% monthly decline because of those jerks.


Moving along, on Saturday night, I attended Falling Rock's Great American Beer Festival party, along with Keene and Kortney. Check out Kort's blog post for all the great pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Keene got uncharacteristically drunkety-drunk-drunk:

We met some new friends:

I think texting should be banned when there are drinks on table:

The souped-up Ghostbuster car, which I'm pretty sure we saw last year at Film on the Rocks:


The next day, I drove the hungover Keene downtown to pick up his car. Along the way, we stopped at Civic Center Park to enjoy a fast food breakfast.

After eating, I threw the trash away (sans a wrapped breakfast burrito), when a homeless man approached. I offered him the uneaten burrito, which he took and headed in the other direction.

Meanwhile, we walked with the kids around the library and art museum, looking at the interesting art pieces Denver has to offer:

We came across a bike rental rack, which is an innovative, new program the city has implemented:

As we walked back to my car, I saw a wrapper lying in a flower bed. I knew what it was immediately: my breakfast burrito wrapper. The guy, standing ten feet away from the garbage can, had chosen to just throw it on the ground. I tried to reason with myself that he has more pressing concerns than picking up after himself. But man, littering really bothers me.

(I was going to write about how it takes the cooperation of every citizen to make a fairly large city like Denver maintain its beauty. But for the sake of keeping this brief and un-preachy, I'll just leave it at "littering really bothers me.")


My homage to Natalie Dee, inspired by a friend's recent sympathetic statement:


How about I end this with a song recommendation? I'm pretty sure Keene rolls his eyes whenever I tell him about the latest 1980s-esque dance song I'm loving. But that's okay, because you know what?

This one features a freakin' keytar! Here's Afrobeta with "Two Different Worlds":

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