September 21, 2010

Etsy Photo Shoot

For a long time, I have wanted to use live models to display the hats I sell on Etsy. Let's face it, those white Styrofoam heads are creepy.

On Sunday, I bribed the kids with soda and five dollars each, if they would model for me. We gathered some props and headed to a nearby state park. I'm pretty happy with the photo session, though Maia had way too much energy ("You need to slow down...I can't take the photo fast enough") and Kayden had too little energy ("You need to do something!").

Here are some of the outtakes which didn't make it to the Etsy site, as well as some favorites that did:

To see the rest of the photos (and various hats) from Sunday, go to Bitter o'Clock Etsy Shop.


Joshua said...

The coffee is not weak, it's just yucky. It tastes like it's made of 50% coffee and 50% ground-up sunflower seed shells. My mouth has been complaining about it all day. It is actually stronger than our regular coffee (Duncan Donuts. It's the best. Only BK Joe has ever been better. Damn you, King Burger! I hate Seattle's Best!) Yesterday, I was wigging out and getting queasy from too much caffeine. So today, I made the coffee with four scoops instead of the usual five.

lew said...

Starbucks has the instant coffee and it is very good. Expensive at Starbucks so we get it at Costco.

lew said...

I can hardly wait to see you guys.
Maia is so beautiful and she is getting big. Kaden sure looks like his mom. Love your blog Kelli.
Will we need a child seat for Maia.
Gonna ren a big vehicle when you do come so we can carry everyone in one vehicle. The end of July would be great and plan on flying.

Kelli said...

Thanks, Lewis! Keene just filled me in on the vacation plans last night. LOL

I'm glad we'll all get together soon enough!