September 9, 2010

Ed Gein, Boat Races, and Saved by the Bell

This is a funny blog which seems to have been abandoned. No matter, there are enough posts to get you excited about watching Saved by the Bell before you remember how much you hated it in the first place.

Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day


Or you if just want a quick laugh, here you go:

Holy ouch!

What? You didn't think it was funny?


I am loving this crocheted mobile, found at the Etsy shop, Amy Gaines:


And just some random pictures because I'm being lazy:


A couple weeks ago, Kayden participated in the annual Raingutter Regatta (a boat race for Cub Scouts):

Using a speedboat design that Keene helped him with, Kayden won the third place trophy:


This inspires me:

Maybe I'll crochet something in honor of Ed Gein. A ski-mask that looks like you're wearing another person's face.


Speaking of crochet, I'm revamping my Etsy site. It doesn't take much to revamp it since it was never vamped to start with. First step, I changed the header to this:

Bluish dead-looking skin sells, right?


And speaking of death, look at this spider I caught in my room:

I really didn't think it would even fit into the Bug Vacuum container. This thing was so big, I actually heard it growl.


Last of all, two pictures from Pundit Kitchen. If you've never been there before, go there now. I'll wait**.

**Not really. Peace!

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