August 20, 2010

Unique Date Ideas

I think I will piggy-back on the dating articles from now on with "Random and Cute Relationship Pictures Friday". So here you go.

Once again, the wise wisdom of Kortney!

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Going out on dates with your partner is important to keeping your relationship interesting and fresh. However, you can only do dinner and a movie—or watching television at home—so many times before you start asking yourself if there’s something (or someone!) better out there for you. Nevertheless, with an open mind and a little advance planning, there are plenty of unique ways to spend quality-time with your significant other.

Go People-Watching
Grab a mug of coffee or a bag of trail-mix and head to a busy public place, like a park or sidewalk bench. Set up somewhere comfortable and just watch passersby for a while. You’ll get a chance to notice things about the world around you which often go unnoticed. Plus, you will have your partner there to talk about the situations you observe or people who catch your eye. You can dream aloud about how you want to be like the old couple, still holding hands after being married for fifty years. You can exchange knowing glances about the downright absurd fashion statements the teenagers are sporting. You can even share a comfortable silence together.

Take a Class Together
Whether it’s painting pottery, learning a new language, or gun-range shooting, find something that you both want to learn more about and sign up. Having someone with you while you learn new things can make the situation less intimidating…and sometimes even more fun. Taking a class together gives you a look into how your partner’s wheels turn when they’re faced with a challenge. Also, you can learn a lot about a person when he or she is out of their comfort zone.

Spend the Night at Home
…or a night in a hotel, if that’s more up your alley. Turn off the phone, the television, the computers…and climb into bed. Arm yourself with a sexy nightie, toys, videos, plenty of water, and some snacks to feed to one another. Take turns giving and receiving massages, have a tickle fight, act out a scene from one of your videos, or tell naughty bedtime stories. Sex is the best part of a date anyway…why not cut out the middlemen otherwise known as Chili’s and the latest “rom-com”?

Go Old-School
Head to a rink and pull on some roller-skates. Find a diner and split a chocolate shake. Drive up to “the Point,” the beach—wherever the local make-out spot is—and make out. (Leave your clothes on, though. An indecent exposure ticket kind of kills the mood.)

Take a Drive or Bus Ride
No destination, no expectations. Set out in one direction and see where you end up. You can play slug-bug, try to spot out-of-state license plates, or find a new restaurant. When you start an adventure without knowing how it will end, you never know what you'll discover.

It could be anything, really. Look at the date as time to have fun and get to know your partner, even if you think you know them well enough already. Some of the greatest memories in a couple’s shared life are made at the most unexpected times.

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